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Ito Izakaya: Sydney's Sizzling Fusion of Japanese and Italian Flavours in Surry Hills.

Great Izakayas are distinguished by their authentic Japanese pub culture, offering a warm and inviting ambiance. They feature extensive, diverse menus of small dishes like yakitori and sashimi, made with high-quality ingredients. These Izakayas boast a wide selection of beverages, prioritize friendly service, and foster a communal atmosphere where laughter and conversation thrive. They're known for late-night hours, inventive fusion dishes, consistency, affordability, and a cultural connection to Japan. Hygiene, prime locations, and a commitment to customer feedback round out their special qualities.

In the vibrant culinary tapestry of Sydney, where the dining scene proves to be as diverse as the facets of the city itself, there's one newcomer that's creating quite a buzz. Situated in a prime location in the heart of Surry Hills, Ito Izakaya is redefining the traditional Japanese pub experience with a tantalizing fusion of Japanese and Italian flavours that sets the scene ablaze.

So, what is it that makes Ito Izakaya Sydney's premier Izakaya, and why should you be adding it to your list of must-visit culinary destinations?

Let's embark on a journey to discover what makes this culinary fusion delight stand out.

A Glimpse into Japanese and Italian Culinary Culture

Ito Izakaya welcomes you into its embrace with an ambiance that with its subtle details pays homage to elevated Japanese pub culture while infusing the space with a faint touch of Italian charm. The fusion of these two diverse worlds is evident not only in the menu but in the interior design, creating an inviting and captivating atmosphere.

Chef Erik Ortolani: A Culinary Maestro

At the helm of this culinary expedition is Head Chef Erik Ortolani, whose rich culinary background includes stints at renowned establishments like Nobu and Cho Cho San. With a talented maestro like Chef Erik leading the charge, you can expect a menu that marries the best of both Japanese and Italian culinary traditions.

The Culinary Symphony: A Menu That Dances on Your Palate

What truly sets Ito apart is its innovative menu. It's a culinary symphony where Japanese and Italian flavours harmoniously dance on your palate. From classic Japanese staples like edamame and hiramasa kingfish to Italian delights like aglio e olio spaghetti with garlic shoots and spanner crab, the menu is a journey of diverse and exciting tastes.

For those seeking a heartier meal, Ito offers options like koji chicken and hibachi-grilled wagyu. The fusion of these culinary worlds allows you to explore flavours you may have never encountered before.

A Liquid Adventure: Extensive Beverage Selection

A great Izakaya isn't complete without an equally remarkable selection of beverages. Ito Izakaya doesn't disappoint in this regard. Guests can explore an extensive collection of sake, Japanese, Italian, and Australian wines, and a captivating array of Japanese-inspired cocktails as well, much to our delight, a carefully curated offering of Scotch, Japanese and international Whether you're a sake enthusiast or a cocktail connoisseur, Ito's beverage offerings are sure to impress.

A Feast for the Eyes: Design and Ambiance

The interior design of Ito Izakaya is a masterpiece in itself. It fuses elements of traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern clean lines and vibrant colours. The result is a space that is inviting and stylish, providing a comfortable setting for an array of dining experiences. Whether you prefer to sit at the raw bar for an omakase-style experience or dine upstairs, you're in for a visually stunning and memorable meal.

The Culinary Fusion Delight: Ito Izakaya

In summary, Ito Izakaya in Surry Hills is the culinary fusion delight that brings together the best of Japanese and Italian flavours. Tradition and innovation coalesce seamlessly to offer a diverse and exciting dining experience. Whether you're a fan of fresh seafood, pasta with a twist, or creative libations, Ito Izakaya has something to satisfy your culinary cravings.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of KAW.


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