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Irish Whiskey Revolution Down Under: Two Stacks' Dram in a Can, Redefining Portable Whiskey Enjoyment this St. Patrick's Day.

Irish whiskey enthusiasts Down Under are in for a treat as Two Stacks introduces its latest innovation – Dram in a Can, the world’s first canned Irish whiskey. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, this pocket-sized marvel is set to revolutionize whiskey consumption in Australia.

Weighing a mere 22 grams and containing 100 millilitres of a tantalizing blend of grain, malt, and pot still whiskey, Dram in a Can offers a sustainable and portable solution for whiskey lovers on the move.

Backed by an ABV of 43% and a visually appealing golden hued appearance, upon approach the nostrils are tickled by aromas of stone fruit mingled with sea salt and a touch of rich brown sugar. The first sip delights the palate with a crispness that seamlessly unfolds into a velvety smoothness, revealing the essence of ripe apricot and the decadence of toffee and hazelnut. Each sip leaves a refreshing finish, with nuances of sweet caramel, fig, campfire smoke, and hints of wood spice.

Beyond its compact size and rich flavour profile, Dram in a Can embodies Two Stacks' commitment to sustainability and transparency. The brand's independent bonding and blending facilities in Ireland, powered entirely by solar energy, underscore its dedication to eco-friendly practices. Co-founder Shane McCarthy emphasizes the brand's mission to offset carbon emissions while offering Australians an affordable yet premium whiskey experience.

Available at Dan Murphy's for $47.99 per four-pack, Dram in a Can has garnered global acclaim since its launch, with over one million cans sold worldwide. Its lightweight design not only makes it easier to carry but also significantly reduces environmental impact compared to traditional glass bottles.

Two Stacks' innovative approach bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, making quality Irish whiskey accessible to all. By embracing sustainable packaging and a dedicated approach to forging partnerships with reputable distilleries, the brand pioneers a new era of whiskey enjoyment while minimizing its ecological footprint.

So whether you're on the move, out with friends, or simply savouring a solo dram in nature, Dram in a Can might become your go-to especially given the advent of St. Patrick's Day.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Two Stacks.


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