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iOttie: Pioneering Tech Accessoires Since 2010.

 iOttie emerged in 2010 with a vision that transcended the ordinary. At a time when smartphones were rapidly becoming integral to daily life, iOttie set out to make navigating with these devices safer and more convenient. What initially began as a simple yet groundbreaking idea has since blossomed into a collection of best-selling car mounts, marking the genesis of a brand that would redefine our interaction with devices on the move.

Innovation has always been at the core of iOttie's journey. With a steadfast commitment to making modern technology accessible in user-friendly ways, the brand has expanded its product line over the years. From wireless chargers to power banks and dash cams, each product embodies iOttie's fundamental beliefs: investing in people, crafting quality products, nurturing curiosity, and never capping the potential of their designs.

At the heart of iOttie's mission lies the aspiration to create iconic products that simplify life. Their development philosophy revolves around seamlessly integrating the latest technology to not only enhance functionality but also elevate design. Treating each product as a work of art, iOttie aims to redefine how people perceive and interact with tech accessories, making technology not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

An intrinsic aspect of iOttie's approach is that all their products are designed in-house. This hands-on, meticulous design process adheres to specific criteria, including form, function, aesthetics, and materials. By focusing on these aspects, iOttie ensures that each product meets the highest standards of quality and innovation.

The Velox Mini Qi2 Wireless Air Vent Mount epitomizes iOttie's commitment to innovation and excellence. This compact yet powerful accessory promises to revolutionize the way you charge your phone in the car. With its sleek design and Qi2 technology for fast wireless charging up to 15W, the Velox Mini Qi2 seamlessly integrates into any car interior while providing efficient charging on the go. Its easy installation and strong magnetic hold make it a must-have for tech-savvy drivers seeking convenience and reliability.

Similarly, the Velox Pro Wireless Dash & Windshield Mount showcases iOttie's dedication to combining cutting-edge technology with practical design. With its MagSafe compatibility and innovative CryoFlow™ cooling system, the Velox Pro ensures stable mounting and efficient charging without compromising safety. Its versatile telescopic arm allows for customizable viewing angles, making it ideal for navigation and hands-free use while driving.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of iOttie.


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