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Hublot and Daniel Arsham: Unveiling a Steampunk Pocket Watch for the Wristwatch-Averse.

Hublot, the watchmaker famous for timepieces that look like they were salvaged from a steampunk convention (and priced like they funded the whole thing), has joined forces with artistic alchemist Daniel Arsham.

Their latest creation? The Arsham Droplet – a pocket watch for the wristwatch-averse set to rewrite the history of, well, pockets and maybe confuse some time travelers.

Forget your grandpa's dusty pocket watch that mysteriously gains an hour every time he forgets to wind it – this ain't your great-great-grandpa's timekeeping turnip.

Limited to a mere 99 pieces, the Arsham Droplet is a fusion of Victorian charm and future fantasy, crafted from a blend of space-age titanium (think spaceships that don't look like they're made of tin cans), sleek rubber (think less batmobile, more Batcave), and sapphire crystal so clear it might make millionaires cry (but tears of joy, because they can afford this beauty).

The unveiling? Not your typical stuffy watch salon gathering enthusiasts in tweed jackets who can identify a tourbillon from a pocketful of lint. Hublot chose The Tank, Tate Modern's subterranean film and performance art gallery – a venue as unconventional as the timepiece itself.

But here's the real beauty of the Arsham Droplet: it's a three-in-one time chameleon.

Feeling like a Victorian gentleman who misplaced his monocle? Slap it on the included titanium chain and rock it as a pocket watch.

Channeling your inner Marie Antoinette? Hang it around your neck as a pendant.

Or, if you're feeling particularly bourgeois and your mantelpiece needs a conversation starter (or ender, depending on how long you want to explain the whole pocket watch-pendant-clock situation), there's even a custom stand that transforms it into a table clock.

At the heart of the watch lies Hublot's iconic Meca-10 movement, boasting a 10-day power reserve – meaning you can forget about winding it while contemplating the existential questions of time itself. The organic design, inspired by nature's fluidity, blends seamlessly with Arsham's distinctive aesthetic – a perfect marriage of past relics and future vibes.

Crafted with the same attention to detail that Michelangelo put into the Sistine Chapel but hopefully with less existential angst, the Arsham Droplet is a testament to Hublot's commitment to innovation.

Measuring in at a comfortable size, the ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand,allowing for a truly immersive and engaging horological experience.

And don't worry about accidentally dropping this beauty in the punch bowl at your next swanky soiree – it's water resistant up to 30 meters. Because who says you can't take your future relic for a swim?

Presented with two titanium chains for versatile wear, the Arsham Droplet is a statement piece, a conversation starter, and a pocket-sized time-traveling companion.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Hublot.


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