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Gonzo Vino: Crafting Eco-Chic Wines in Funky Casks and Cool Vibes

In the world of wine, where traditions and stuffy sommeliers often reign supreme, Gonzo Vino is rewriting the rules. Meet the rebels of the vineyard, the eco-chic sommeliers turned winemakers, and the creators of the wine that's shaking up the industry. These guys aren't your typical vintners. They're all about thinking outside the bottle – or should we say inside the cask?

Ricca Terra Farms: Pioneers of a New Era

Before we dive into the charismatic world of Gonzo Vino, let's tip our hats to their partners in wine, Ricca Terra Farms. These Riverland grape-growing aficionados aren't your run-of-the-mill viticulturists. They're challenging the grape status quo by pioneering alternative varieties and embracing sustainable growing practices. Forget machines; they handpick, sort, and even de-MOG (that's Matter Other than Grapes, for the non-wine geeks) to ensure quality control. It's old-school craftsmanship in a high-tech world.

Gonzo Vino: Wine with a Twist

Now, picture this: a poolside epiphany. Yes, you read that right. Gonzo Vino's journey began poolside, and it's a tale as unique as their wines. They took a tonne of premium pinot noir grapes and cooked up a homemade rose that was nothing short of mind-blowing. But they didn't stop at winemaking; they set their sights on reinventing packaging, channelling the free-spirited vibes of the '60s to create the wine pillow – a quirky container that becomes a floaty pillow when emptied.

Eco-Friendly Revolution: It's the Gonzo Way

Gonzo Vino is more than just wine; it's a mission to make the world a better place, one glass at a time. The foundation of their winemaking philosophy is sustainability. They source their grapes from sustainably grown vineyards in Victoria, where chemicals stay off the vines, and minimal intervention winemaking methods rule the cellar.

But it doesn't stop there. Gonzo Vino goes the extra mile with fully recyclable packaging that's 100% vegan. Instead of traditional wine bottles, they're bringing back the iconic wine cask with a playful twist. Adorned with cheeky one-liners sourced from the hippest memes, Gonzo Vino's casks challenge the wine world's snobbish reputation. It's all about fun, inclusivity, and good wine for everyone.

The Gonzo Vino Experience

So, what can you expect from this revolutionary winemaker? First off, let go of your preconceived notions about wine in a box. Gonzo Vino's bag-in-a-box wines aren't just sustainable; they're elegantly packaged, embodying Mediterranean style with a dash of playfulness. Plus, these wines stay fresh for weeks after opening, making your vino-loving heart skip a beat.

Their line-up includes a luscious skin-contact Vermentino named "Get a Grip," a bold Cabernet Sauvignon called "Boomer Juice," and a seductive chilled red known as "Splishy Splashy." Get a Grip, with its eight-day skin soak, delivers a bounty of peachy stone fruit and zesty citrus. Boomer Juice, from well-farmed vineyards, boasts red currants, lavender, and a tart finish. And for fans of chilled reds, Splishy Splashy 2.0 is back, offering notes of blackberry, cocoa, and dark plum, to be enjoyed at your preferred temperature.

At the core of Gonzo Vino's philosophy is to create delicious wine without the snobbery, and to encourage people to have fun with their vino.

'Soul Control' Mataro Takes the Reins

In the realm of wine, as in life, there are years of struggle and years of triumph. 2022 was a year of hardship, with relentless rain and unforgiving hail wreaking havoc upon the vineyard.

The result? Not a drop of wine could be salvaged from that beleaguered soil. But here, in 2023, Gonzo Vinos return with 'Soul Control,' a Mataro that is as graceful as it is irresistible.

The vineyards, lovingly planted in 1980, bestow upon this wine a complexity and depth that only time can nurture. With a modest 12.2% alcohol content, 'Soul Control' strikes a harmonious balance between rich, luscious fruit and a refined, non-aggressive character. It's as if the wine is extending an invitation, rather than demanding attention.

In the winery, it spent a mere 10 days in passionate embrace with the grape skins, bestowing upon it a plush, velvety texture while maintaining a sinewy core, accentuated by a gentle, papery tannin finish.

This is a wine that celebrates versatility. While it's perfectly chillable, making it a delightful companion on warm summer days, it's also a refined choice for those moments when you yearn for a well-deserved treat straight from your pantry.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Gonzo Vino.


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