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Four Season Hotel Sydney's Mode Kitchen & Bar and its unexcelled Lounge 32.

"What defines a remarkable restaurant?"

This age-old question has perplexed chefs, designers, diners, and investors alike, yet answers have remained elusive. On this end, we are weary of the same constellation of celebrated chefs basking in the limelight for their ever more extravagant, and often impersonal, dining establishments and tasting extravaganzas.

In stark contrast to the highfalutin world of extravagant dining experiences found in other restaurant accolades, our celebration is dedicated to a vanishing breed: unpretentious eateries, where warm smiles and straightforward service often take a back seat to the glitz and glamour of fine dining.

We hold a deep affection for unforgettable dining moments that eschew the grandeur of Michelin stars and the monotony of miniature servings stretched across numerous courses.

Our passion lies in places where heartiness reigns supreme, where authenticity shines, and where menus range from comforting classics to the rich tapestry of regional specialties.

In these establishments, simplicity is a sacred creed: the belief that genuine service and unadulterated ingredients will eternally triumph over the artifice and ever-shifting food trends that grace our culinary landscape.

Following up on our recent feature on Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, we have had the chance to experience its array of dining experiences that tantalize the palate and elevate gastronomy to an art form.

Mode Kitchen & Bar masterfully treads the delicate line between relaxed bistro charm and the sophistication of fine dining, all while basking in the glow of Luchetti Krelle's elegant interior design.

Upon stepping into this culinary haven, you're instantly transported to a realm where old-world charm seamlessly intertwines with contemporary allure.

The dining area exudes an air of timeless elegance, with luxurious brown leather sofas and chairs and a cosy fireplace that exude classic glamour. Modern elements interlace with this ambiance, showcased through contemporary lighting fixtures and vibrant bar stools. The seating arrangement, featuring round tables nestled alongside plush sofas, creates an intimate and inviting atmosphere.

At the helm of this gastronomic adventure is Head Chef Francesco Mannelli, hailing from Italy and boasting over two decades of experience in the world's finest restaurants. His menu is a blend of tradition and modernity, masterfully executed with finesse.

Mode's menu evolves with the seasons, ensuring that each dish is a celebration of the freshest ingredients.

The wine list is a treasure trove of over 200 labels, showcasing both Australian and international wines. Many options are available by the glass, ensuring the perfect wine pairing for every palate.

Dessert at Mode is a grand finale to savour both in the realms of culinary experience as well as eye candy:

The frozen pavlova with coconut, mango, and passion fruit is a veritable showstopper, presented with dramatic flair, served on dry ice for a mesmerizing and smoky presentation.

Who Is Mode Restaurant & Bar For?

Mode Restaurant & Bar, with its elegant decor and impeccable service, is an ideal choice for a sumptuous lunch or a celebratory dinner marking a special occasion. It beckons those who relish fine dining without the pretentiousness, offering a bistro-like atmosphere where dishes are hearty yet elegant, and the wine list is as impressive as the cocktail menu. While the prices may be on the higher end, the exceptional quality of the cuisine justifies every penny.

So, slip into the Four Seasons Hotel, sink into the plush leather chairs, and allow yourself to embark on a culinary journey, whether it's in the company of friends, a romantic date, or a cherished family gathering. Mode Kitchen & Bar promises an experience that transcends mere dining; it's a symphony of flavours and an ode to culinary excellence.

Four Season Hotel Sydney’s Lounge 32

In the world of business travel, hotel "executive lounges" or "club lounges" serve as a home away from home. For many high-flying travellers, the quality and even the mere presence of such a lounge can significantly influence their choice of accommodation.

So, what do you seek in a hotel lounge?

Is it a space to work, a variety of dining options, or perhaps something else entirely?

As for myself, I have certain preferences, but recognizing that each traveller is unique, below are a range of factors coming into play:

Diverse Zones for Dining, Work, and Relaxation

Hotel lounge visits serve different purposes throughout the day. In the morning, it's often for a leisurely breakfast; during business hours, it's a place to work or grab a quick refreshment between meetings; in the evening, it's for a pre-dinner snack or nightcap.

Convenient Access to Power

The best hotel lounges for business travellers not only offer complimentary WiFi but also provide easy access to power outlets within the lounge. This ensures that smartphones, tablets, and laptops stay charged.

A Room with a View

If you've opted for a Club or Executive room, often situated on the hotel's highest floors with spectacular views, it's only fitting to expect a similarly impressive vista from the lounge.

Enter Four Season Hotel Sydney’s fantastic Lounge 32.

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney embarked on a journey with the renowned Australian interior designer, Miriam Fanning of Mim Design, to reimagine this space. The design ethos draws inspiration from the hotel's storied history and its picturesque harborside locale. The colour palette mirrors the hues of Sydney Harbour, with deep inky blues, brushed brass accents, and the soft creams and dove greys reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House.

Lounge 32 is a bespoke haven meticulously designed to cater to the evolving desires of both leisure and business travellers seeking that cherished home-away-from-home experience on their journeys and an exclusive privilege for guests booking a Club room or Club suite on the uppermost floors of Four Seasons Hotel Sydney.

The perks are aplenty, encompassing a complimentary buffet breakfast, complete with eggs prepared to perfection by personal chefs, all-day refreshments, evening gourmet canapés accompanied by an open bar, premium Wi-Fi, private check-in and check-out, a personal Concierge service, and valet pressing, all tailored to ensure an exceptional stay.

But it's not just about the culinary delights; Lounge 32 envelops you in comfort. Sink into plush armchairs and velvet lounges, surrounded by designer homewares that exude sophistication.

Need to convene?

A well-appointed meeting room awaits, and when you gaze out the windows, you're treated to breath-taking vistas of Sydney city and its enchanting harbour.

Adding to the allure, Lounge 32 showcases contemporary Australian artworks that capture the nation's essence. Sydney artist Anna-Wili Highfield's life-sized paper sculptures of cockatoos grace the surroundings, while Melbourne photographer Brooke Holm's aerial Australian landscapes offer a captivating visual narrative.

As if the aforementioned was not enough, an arena in which Lounge 32 excels is when it comes to engagement with the attentive staff, which is essentially a continuation of why we love Gain Bar ( a bar that truly plays in a league of its own, as we have covered in a dedicated editorial.) and its team – welcoming smiles ease you in, unobtrusive and impeccable service makes you feel at home with staff always ready to chat and engage with knowledgeable banter. On two occasions we witnessed solo travellers who seemed a bit lost upon entering, yet were made feel at ease within minutes.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Sydney.


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