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Ettinger: Where Tradition Does the Charleston with Whimsy.

Forget stuffy museums and predictable heritage tours. Ettinger, the quintessential British leather goods brand, is where tradition throws a wild party and whimsy is the guest of honour. Established in 1934, Ettinger's been crafting exquisite leather pieces since Gerry Ettinger, a man with more passports than stamps in his collection, decided to bring a touch of international flair to London.

Imagine a time traveler with a magic satchel, landing in London's bustling streets. That's Ettinger's clientele. From 18-year-olds in Japan saving up for their first Ettinger wallet to discerning gentlemen (and yes, even the Royals) seeking the perfect briefcase, Ettinger caters to those who appreciate quality that transcends time zones.

Their secret weapon?

Eighty-five percent handcrafted magic. In an age of mass production, Ettinger stubbornly clings to the art of the cobbler, ensuring every stitch sings with heritage.

The leather?

Like a secret handshake between Ettinger and the finest tanneries. They source the hides themselves, their discerning eyes selecting only the most flawless skins, destined to become buttery-soft perfection.

But Ettinger isn't your grandfather's tweed-clad brand. They understand that tradition, like a good cup of tea, needs a dash of eccentricity to stay interesting.

Think of a sleek black wallet with a jolt of turquoise lining, a playful wink that says, "Yes, I'm timeless, but I can also do the Charleston." Their "Sterling Collection," inspired by British banknotes, is a riot of color – a visual feast where your wallet transforms into a miniature art gallery. It's a reminder that even the most respectable banker can have a secret love affair with lime green.

This quirky charm is what makes Ettinger so darn irresistible. It's the perfect companion for the modern globetrotter – someone who wouldn't be caught dead with boring luggage tags.

Ettinger's 2024 collection offers travel essentials with a twist: think pocket-sized shoehorns for the sartorially-inclined nomad, discreetly luxurious hip flasks for a touch of mid-flight indulgence, and luggage tags that keep your hotel details under wraps (unless you want to confuse fellow travelers with your impeccable taste, that is).

So, if you're looking for a brand that tells stories of heritage with a wink and a smile, Ettinger is your cup of tea (or flask of something stronger). It's a brand that proves tradition isn't about gathering dust in a museum – it's about living life with a touch of unexpected panache.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Ettinger.


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