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Elijah Craig Small Batch: The OG of Bourbon with a Modern Twist.

In the realm of bourbon, where brands jostle for attention like rockstars at a crowded after-party, some bottles feel like faded band posters – a whisper of past glory, a touch too familiar on the palate.

Then strides in Elijah Craig Small Batch, the classic with a worn leather jacket and a glint of mischief in its eye, ready to rewrite the script on what a good bourbon can be.

This award-winning spirit boasts a lineage that would make Alexander Hamilton himself envious. We're talking about Elijah Craig, the original barrel-charring renegade, the "Father of Bourbon" whose name echoes through distilleries like a well-aged ballad as the man practically invented the flavour profile you savor today.

Today, Elijah Craig Small Batch carries the torch, meticulously aged in those same Level 3 charred barrels for a taste that's both comforting like your favorite childhood blanket and surprisingly thrilling, like that time you accidentally rode a mechanical bull for eight seconds.

Crack the bottle, and prepare for a sensory adventure that would make Indiana Jones jealous.

Imagine a nose that's a symphony of honeycomb, a freshly-opened cedar chest, and a spice rack that's seen its fair share of exotic adventures.

Take a sip, and it's like sinking your teeth into a warm apple pie drizzled with wildflower honey, with a hint of secret-family cookie dough clinging to your cheeks.

The elongated finish lingers with a touch of nutmeg and the smoky whisper of a campfire under a star-studded sky, reminding you that this ain't your grandpa's cough syrup. It's the bourbon for those who crave a taste of history with a modern edge.

But here's the plot twist: Elijah Craig Small Batch isn't just for bourbon aficionados with impressive beard collections and leather-bound bookshelves. It's perfectly calibrate to sip neat, the kind of conversation starter that would make even the most introverted wallflower loosen up.

But don't be fooled by its approachability – this bourbon is complex enough to hold its own in a well-crafted cocktail, transforming any ordinary drink into a masterpiece worthy of a speakeasy. Whether you're a seasoned whiskey drinker with a discerning palate or a curious craft beer convert just dipping your toes into the world of spirits, Elijah Craig Small Batch is your partner in crime on the path to deliciousness.

Feeling a little adventurous and want to explore beyond the expected? Don't miss out on Elijah Craig's Straight Rye Whiskey, either. This hidden gem is like a burst of sunshine trapped in a glass bottle. Imagine a nose that's a citrus grove freshly kissed by morning dew, with a playful hint of bubblegum that somehow never crosses the line into childish. Take a sip, and you're greeted by a flavor explosion that puts most bourbons at this proof to shame.

Think complex, spicy, and guaranteed to wake up your taste buds like a double shot of espresso – but with a smoothness that lingers long after the initial jolt.

The secret ingredient? All Elijah Craig products are aged in those special Level 3 charred barrels.

This charring process is like alchemy for wood and fire, unlocking a treasure trove of flavors, from caramelized sugars that dance on your tongue to smoky whispers that hint at adventure.

So, next time you're staring down a crowded bar menu, ditch the usual suspects and give Elijah Craig Small Batch a try. It's the bourbon that proves heritage can be cool, that a little char goes a long way, and that even the Father of Bourbon knew how to throw a killer flavour party.

Cheers to good company, unexpected twists, and a sipping experience that's as timeless as it is thrilling.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Elijah Craig.


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