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Elevate Your Coffee Break with Nutella and Lavazza: A Decadent Collaboration.

Indulgence awaits as two Italian titans, Nutella and Lavazza, are teaming up to take your coffee break to new heights. This limited-edition collaboration brings together the world's favorite choc-hazelnut spread, Nutella, and the premium coffee expertise of Lavazza, promising an unparalleled experience for discerning palates.

Picture this: the golden baked crunch of Nutella Biscuits, filled with a creamy heart of Nutella's unmistakable recipe, perfectly complemented by Lavazza's Espresso Barista coffee range. Lavazza sources top-quality coffee beans from Central-South America, Africa, and Asia, crafting blends with aromatic notes of flowers, cocoa, and wood - a true delight for the at-home barista.

As if the prospect of unparalleled indulgence wasn't enticing enough, a sprinkle of excitement has been added with an exclusive giveaway. Imagine the thrill of winning one of 250x $100 Woolworths Gift Cards, ready to treat yourself to even more delightful experiences.

Entering the competition is as simple as indulging in your favorite treats. Just spend $15 or more on Nutella Biscuits and Lavazza Espresso Barista products at participating Woolworths stores until May 14th, 2024.

Keep your receipt handy, and head to to submit your entry.


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