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Create Your Own Whisky Heritage: The Exclusive Cape Byron Private Cask Experience.

Nestled in the lush coastal rainforest of Byron Bay, Cape Byron Whisky stands as Australia's only B-Corp Certified Whisky Distillery. This distinctive single malt whisky, crafted and matured in the subtropical environment of the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, captures the essence of where the rainforest meets the sea.

Rainforest Maturation

Surrounded by dense subtropical rainforest that stretches from the hinterland to the easternmost point of mainland Australia, Cape Byron Distillery benefits from a unique maturation process.

The casks inhale the sea's misty breath, mingling with earthy aromas and floral whispers, infusing the whisky with an unmatched, invigorating freshness. This process involves traditional full-format, 200L American oak ex-bourbon casks, along with a mix of Australian wine and fortified casks.

As the whisky matures, the humid subtropical environment causes some liquid to evaporate, a phenomenon affectionately known as the "angel’s share." This slow aging process infuses the whisky with the distinct coastal character of Byron Bay.

Private Whisky Cask Programme

Cape Byron Distillery now offers a rare opportunity for whisky enthusiasts through its Private Whisky Cask Programme. Whether you dream of owning your cask of whisky, wish to gift it to someone special, or plan to share the experience with a group of friends, this programme allows you to create your unique barrel of Cape Byron Single Malt Whisky.

Your Curated Cask, Your Unique Flavour Profile

Participants in the programme will work closely with Cape Byron’s highly awarded distilling team to select the type of spirit that goes into the cask. You can choose from 100L or 200L cask sizes, and the whisky will mature for a minimum of three years in the distillery’s warehouse. During this time, your private cask will absorb the dense tropical air and marine influence of the coastal rainforest environment.

Registering your interest in the Cask Programme grants you access to detailed guidance from the cask programme consultants, who will provide all necessary information and answer any questions you might have. This exclusive opportunity is available to a limited number of participants, making it a truly unique and personalized whisky experience.

More granular information on Cape Byron Distillery's Private Whisky Cask Programme can be found here.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Cape Byron Distillery.


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