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Count Orlok would be delighted – Nosferatu Distillery.

In the realm of spirits and storytelling, there lived an artist named Rory, whose youthful passion for drawing, painting, and crafting eventually led him on a unique odyssey. As he matured, he ventured into the world of Art College, immersing himself in the enchanting realm of Film. Yet, despite his artistic prowess, Rory's sojourn in Hollywood's commercial landscape left him disillusioned with the pursuit of stardom.

A twist of fate guided him toward the captivating universe of wine and spirits. Many years flowed by, and Rory, fueled by an unwavering love for gin, breathed life into the Nosferatu Distillery.

For the uninitiated, Nosferatu is a term most commonly associated with Count Orlok, the vampire character from the 1922 silent film "Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror." This iconic film, directed by F.W. Murnau, is considered one of the earliest and most influential vampire movies in cinematic history. Count Orlok, portrayed by actor Max Schreck, is a chilling and nightmarish vampire character who bears a resemblance to the classic Dracula figure.

Over the years, "Nosferatu" has become a classic in the horror genre and has had a significant impact on vampire lore in popular culture. The term "Nosferatu" itself is often used as an alternative name for vampires in various works of fiction.

Nosferatu Distllery draws inspiration from the iconic vampire character and the dark, mysterious, and cinematic associations that come with it.

Though Rory's dreams of cinematic acclaim didn't earn him an Oscar, his gin-crafting artistry garnered the prestigious title of "BEST GIN BOTTLE IN AUSTRALIA" at the 2018 Australian Gin Awards for the Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin. This scarlet elixir not only won numerous accolades but also captured the hearts of a devoted following.

Intriguingly, the labels adorning Nosferatu Distillery's creations are born from the world of art house cinema. Each gin is a masterpiece, painstakingly crafted in a South Melbourne cellar using a copper pot still and a 'bubble T' column. The Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin, with its deep orange hue, tantalizes the senses with juniper berries, blood orange peel, navel oranges, fenugreek, coriander seeds, cardamom seeds, wormwood, and angelica root, offering a complex, bittersweet flavor symphony.

The next chapter in this tale unfolds with the introduction of Mandrake Cucumber and Mint Gin, the impish younger sibling of Nosferatu. Drawing inspiration from the mystical Mandrake Root, this gin follows in the cinematic footsteps of its predecessor. Infused with the mythical Mandrake Root, it unites Albanian juniper, cucumber, mint, coriander seed, and liquorice root. This meticulous blend transcends folklore to embrace its unique character.

Part three reveals the birth of Giselle Pavlova Gin, a delicate sibling poised to rival the fame of Nosferatu and Mandrake. As a descendant of Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin, it captures the essence of Pavlova with creamy vanilla and meringue notes, concluding with a toffee-burnt crust finish—an exquisite delight for the senses.

As the narrative progresses, a journey to the Mornington Peninsula beckons, where the unique Bunyip Sticky Gin emerges. This gin, a modern interpretation of the French classic 'Mistelle,' merges lemon juniper with unfermented Australian grape juice, revealing fresh mysteries with each batch. A delightful experience, akin to a Pineau de Charentes or Sticky Wine, best enjoyed in the company of cheese.

However, the story doesn't conclude there. Enter Nosferatu Dead Dry Gin, a classic London Dry gin with a moonlit twist, distilled under the watchful eye of the night. While it honors the quintessential juniper note, it weaves in Cascara and orange zest to amplify richness and length.

Finally, Nosferatu Dead Dry Vodka, bearing a name that matches its character, boasts richness and smoothness. Filtered through pumice stone and sugarcane charcoal, it culminates in a clean, dry finish—an ideal companion for classic cocktails like Martinis and Vodka Lime and Sodas.

In this tapestry of spirits and storytelling, Rory's artistic journey found its muse in the world of gin, painting a vivid canvas of flavors and experiences that continue to enchant aficionados and wanderers alike.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Nosferatu Distillery.


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