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Cosmic Encounter: Ryoji Ikeda Unravels Reality in Brussels.

We still vividly remember our mind-blowing first encounter with Ryoji Ikeda. Back at Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art, where "supersymmetry" warped our perception of nature with an immersive sensory experience. This wasn't just art; it was a portal to the very fabric of reality.

Now, the visionary artist returns with a European debut – the complete "dataverse" trilogy – at Almine Rech in Brussels.This isn't just an exhibition; it's a culmination, a twenty-year exploration of the cosmos through data.

Beyond the Standard Model: A Data Symphony

For a start, Ikeda isn't your typical artist.

He's a composer, a coder, a sculptor of the unseen.

His tools?

Mathematical equations that translate into hypnotic visuals and pulsating bass – a symphony of data that reflects on humanity's journey alongside technology.

This Brussels exhibition is a first – the complete "dataverse" trilogy unveiled on European soil. Imagine 16 colossal screens, each a canvas for a mesmerizing dance of data. Swirling patterns evoke the microscopic world of a data chip,while dense grids map urban labyrinths. Then, a shift – thousands of satellites orbit Earth, a stark reminder of the vastness beyond our grasp.

Beyond the Visual: Unveiling Reality's Code

Ikeda's genius lies in taking the unfathomable – immense datasets – and transforming them into something beautiful, albeit unsettling. His art exposes the limitations of our knowledge.

Those swirling patterns?

They might be the building blocks of life, or maybe just the code dictating our digital lives.

By unraveling these data sets, Ikeda invites us to re-examine the very fabric of reality. The patterns, the structures – are they truly what we perceive?

A Brussels Must-See: Unveiling the Invisible

If you're in Brussels, don't miss this chance to experience the invisible made visible. "dataverse" runs until July 27th,2024, a unique opportunity to have your perception of reality beautifully shattered by Ryoji Ikeda.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Ryoji Ikeada and Almine Rech.


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