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Carving Out a Niche: The Timeless Charm of to Be Magazine.

In an era where digital publishing effortlessly connects creators with audiences worldwide, one might question the relevance of print media. Yet, for those who appreciate the tangible and the thoughtfully curated, a well-crafted print magazine offers something irreplaceable: a sanctuary for dialogue, a forum for sharing visions, and a platform for nurturing critical thinking.

Enter to Be magazine, a publication that defies conventional definitions and formats. Published bi-annually, to Be is more than a magazine; it’s a space where artistry and discourse converge. Complemented by an online presence, it serves as a dynamic catalyst for connecting artists with new audiences, aestheticians, and art enthusiasts.

At the helm is curator and editor Rachel Weinberg, who ensures that each issue of to Be transcends mere analysis. Instead, it creates a vibrant arena for discourse, where ideas are not just presented but are given room to breathe and evolve.

Each issue of to Be aspires to reinvent itself while maintaining its core ethos: to present imagery that is independent, not merely illustrative or ornamental, and to push the boundaries of traditional editorial and curatorial practices.

Balancing a global outlook with a deep appreciation for local nuances, to Be offers both intimate, delicate observations and broader, more expansive discussions.

The magazine’s current sixth issue delves into the relentless pursuit of polished perfection, reminding us through its contributors that true beauty often lies in the genuine and unapologetic revelation of character.

This issue features DJ and producer Nina Kraviz, whose cover story illustrates how beauty can emerge from chaos. Anna Prudhomme’s reflections on Thibaut Grevet blur the line between art and life, while Renée Estée’s paintings explore the poignant beauty of memory and loss.

Make-up artist Lochie Stonehouse and hair stylist Sky Cripps-Jackson chart their own beauty journeys, and Daphne Thao Nguyen’s photographs of Del Water Gap capture the enigmatic spirit behind the name. Designer Elena Velez unveils the strength and allure found in fashion’s gritty corners. Through their diverse works, these contributors remind us that beauty often resides in the shadows and anomalies.

to Be’s latest issue brings together a diverse array of talented photographers, stylists, artists, designers, and writers, including Hector Clark, Tré Koch, Alex Wall, Edward Mulvihill, Ilan Galanti, Jasmine Penman, Daniel Roché, Claire Summers, Isabella Mamas, Ellie Coker, Hakan Solak, James Edson, Chloe Borich, Julian Klincewicz, Juan Pablo Espínola, and many others.

In a world obsessed with manufactured perfection, to Be celebrates quirks and idiosyncrasies—the very traits that make us unique. In an age dominated by immediacy and digital connectivity, to Be stands as an ode to the process and the ongoing journey. Its deliberate print format offers a physical object to be cherished and preserved, a testament to the enduring power of thoughtful curation and authentic storytelling.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of To Be Magazine.


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