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Bruichladdich's Debut of High-Age Luxury Whiskies.

Sydney’s Nel Restaurant and Bruichladdich Distillery seem like a match made in culinary heaven. Picture this: As diners step into Nel's sophisticated yet welcoming ambiance, they embark on a global-infused culinary journey curated by the visionary chef Nelly Robinson. Each dish presented is not just food; it's a narrative woven with flavours that transport diners beyond mere taste buds, leaving them mystified, exhilarated, and craving more.

Now, imagine pairing these exquisite culinary experiences with Bruichladdich's premium whisky expressions. The innovative spirit of Bruichladdich, constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional whisky making, finding a perfect stage at Nel.

Just as Nel crafts stories with ingredients, Bruichladdich crafts stories with barley varieties, cask types, and aging techniques, creating whiskies that are not just beverages but journeys in a glass.

Bruichladdich's emphasis on terroir resonates with Nel's commitment to sourcing the best local ingredients, ensuring that each whisky reflects the unique character of Islay's environment just as Nel's dishes reflect the essence of their ingredients. The transparency in Bruichladdich's production processes finds harmony with Nel's open kitchen, where guests can witness the magic happening right before their eyes.

Needless to say, for the celebration of excellence that was the reveal of Bruichladdich’s first high-age statement new Luxury Re/Defined range featuring 18 and 30 year old single malt, Nel Restaurant became not just a venue but an ideal canvas for Bruichladdich's premium whiskies to shine, creating unforgettable experiences where exceptional food meets exceptional whisky, setting a new standard for culinary and whisky enthusiasts alike.

The Evolution of Bruichladdich: Tasting the 18-Year-Old Re/Define

Tasting Bruichladdich 18-Year-Old Re/Define in 2024, with its impressive presentation and innovative recyclable protective jacket, not only signals Bruichladdich’s unwavering commitment to sustainability but also showcases the distillery’s remarkable journey from a struggling operation to a thriving B Corp on Islay. The 18-Year-Old Re/Define embodies their progress and vision, making it a special whisky deserving of recognition.

Crafted from a meticulous blend of Islay, organic, and Scottish mainland-grown barley, each cask and barley varietal is fully traceable, ensuring an authentic and high-quality product.

This exceptional whisky is matured on Islay, spending the majority of its time in bourbon casks, with a smaller portion aged in Sauternes and Port casks.

After its extensive aging process, the whisky is vatted and married for nine months before being bottled at a robust 50% ABV, without added colour or chill filtration, preserving its natural character and purity.

Bruichladdich’s commitment to sustainability shines through in its packaging. The bottle, made from an average of 60% recycled glass, is lighter than typical prestige expressions, reducing its environmental impact. The innovative outer packaging, a pioneering effort in the whisky industry, is crafted from fully recyclable paper pulp, moulded to fit the bottle’s shape. This combination of aesthetics and eco-consciousness reflects Bruichladdich's dedication to using less and using better.

Upon approach, the nostrils are tantalized by an enchanting blend of a soft, juicy scents that can instantly transport you to orchards or sunny gardens, delicately interwoven with whispers of floral and earthy undertones . This floral overture is gracefully balanced by the comforting warmth of vanilla and creamed coconut, courtesy of the toasted American oak.

The first sip is nothing short of luxurious.

The whisky’s viscous texture envelops the palate in a luscious embrace of honey, creamy, sweet, caramelized notes, and fresh fruits. This indulgent sweetness is followed by the comforting taste of sweet, syrup-soaked porridge and barley sugar, enhanced by the subtle presence of toasted oak. As the flavours unfold, vibrant tropical fruits reemerge, accompanied by a hint of leather that adds depth and complexity. The lingering notes of crunchy honeycomb contribute to a smooth and sweet character that is both satisfying and sophisticated.

The enduring, moreish finish has Bruichladdich written all over it, showcasing the classic minerality for which the distillery is renowned, perfectly balanced with the rich undertones of oak, stone fruit, and a delicate floral bouquet.

Bruichladdich 30-Year-Old ReDefine

The Bruichladdich 30 ReDefine is essentially a celebration of the whisky drawn from those very casks that survived the distillery's dormant years.

Having matured entirely in bourbon casks, with 50% of the whisky spending its full term in refill hogsheads, the other 50% was re-casked into fresh barrels after 20 years. Following vatting, the whisky was married for an additional three months in refill bourbon barrels, before being bottled at a robust 43.25% ABV, needless to say without added colour or chill filtration.

Not unlike it is the case with the 18-Year-Old ReDefine, Bruichladdich has also unveiled an exceptionally sleek and sustainable new bottle design with this release.

The bouquet is informed by gentle caress of oak introduces aromas of sweet coconut and vanilla, with a hint of almond. It's a warm, creamy, and slightly nutty aroma that can evoke the feeling of a tropical breeze. Delicate fresh, green, and slightly sweet floral scents mingle with with hints of citrus and mint, while soft spices and a whisper of a nostalgic melange of warm, spicy, and sweet enhancing Bruichladdich’s distinctive maritime character.

On the top of the mouth, a delicate sweetness of toasted oak leads to an array of light fruits, honey, and fudge. A subtle hint of leather adds depth, while the floral profile gently unfolds, revealing layers of complexity. The American oak imparts a soft, creamy texture, complemented by the unmistakable, delicate salty tang of fresh Islay sea air.

The finish is again nothing short of a masterful display of all-Islay maturation, with a vibrant tang of sea salt borderline perfectly balanced by the warmth of oak. Soft vanilla and sweet desiccated, nutty coconut linger, creating an enduring impression of elegance and sophistication.

Both expressions of Bruichladdich Re/Defined range are availabe on terra australis via Spirits Platform.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Bruichladdich.


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