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Archie Rose Distilling Co: A Spirited Odyssey from Gin Mastery to Whisky Alchemy and Tropical Decadence.

In the vast landscape of Australian distilleries, where the art of crafting spirits has experienced a renaissance, Archie Rose Distilling Co emerges as a beacon of accolade-decorated distinction. Whether enchanting palates with their delectable gins or unveiling idiosyncratic whiskey expressions, Archie Rose stands out in terms of both consistency and quality.

Establishing itself as a trailblazer among craft gin distillers, Archie Rose not only crafts exceptional spirits but also boasts a moody, well-curated bar adjoining its warehouse-style distillery. Since its inception in 2015, Archie Rose has tantalized taste buds and intrigued spirit enthusiasts, earning a reputation that extends far beyond the shores of Australia.

The anticipation reached its peak when whispers circulated that Archie Rose was set to venture beyond the realm of gin into the intricate world of whisky.

Enter their much fables about Rye Malt Whisky – a creation born from a blend of malted rye and malted barley, nurtured in air-dried American oak casks within the maritime embrace of Sydney's coast. This amber elixir captures attention with its balanced tightrope act, harmonizing sweet and savory notes, interwoven with hints of toffee and dried fruits.

Elevating the sensory journey, the palate experiences a symphony of malt, vanilla, and caramel, accompanied by subtle nuances of dried fruits. The culmination is a lingering finish that gracefully reintroduces the spiciness promised in the bouquet, concluding with a delightful saline touch.

Archie Rose's foray into whisky territory unveiled a multi-faceted, layered character – a testament to a distillery that understands its objectives and achieves them with finesse. There is no forced reinvention of the wheel; instead, Archie Rose managed to deliver a dram that navigates the realms of spice, fruit, herbs, and malt with expert calibration.

In the unfolding saga of Archie Rose's evolution, a captivating chapter has emerged—the realm of rum. As the distillery has matured over time, their foray into the alchemy of various casks and molasses grades has birthed a treasure trove of exceptional rums. This experimentation has borne fruit, quite literally, in the form of their rum cask-aged single malt—a libation that immerses the senses in a tropical symphony and a dessert buffet like no other. Archie Rose's commitment to innovation has not just yielded dividends; it has uncorked a realm of flavor that beckons the adventurous palate to indulge in a spirited dance of tropical decadence.

Cue the Strength Rum Cask Single Malt Whisky expression, a spirit that marries the classic aformentioned grain character for which the distillery is renowned with the exquisite caramel sweetness imparted by Triple Molasses Rum casks. This is not your ordinary tipple; it's a fun, yet refined expression that beckons you to explore its depths.

Pouring a glass reveals the whisky's rich and inviting amber hue, a testament to the influence of the Ex-Triple Molasses Rum Cask. Priced at an accessible $149, this offering promises big, bold flavors that transport the imbiber to tropical realms. The combination of tropical fruit and burnt sugar dances alongside the familiar grain character, creating a symphony for the senses.

Upon nosing, the Archie Rose Rum Cask unveils an aromatic palette reminiscent of amaretto, raisins, and peaches enveloped in the warmth of melted brown sugar. A second exploration reveals deeper, more complex notes of walnut bread, marzipan, and a hint of cloves.

The palate, a velvety canvas, opens with a burst of stone fruit, rich caramel, and coconut cream. This transitions seamlessly into a weighty mid-palate where bananas and peaches are expertly roasted in brown sugar and spice. The higher strength of this cask-strength variant imparts a lovely drying balance to the substantial palate weight.

As the journey unfolds, the finish is nothing short of sublime. Lingering notes of tropical fruits intermingle with the richness of chocolate and the depth of espresso. It's a symphony that resonates long after the last sip.

This isn't a whisky to be relegated to the back of the cabinet, gathering dust. No, it's a spirit made for sharing and elevating the everyday via a sensory adventure that beckons the discerning palate and leaves one lusting for another dram.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Archie Rose.


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