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Arc: From Frustrated Techies to Phone Fashionistas.

Updated: Jul 5

Is your phone a lifeless lump in your pocket, a social butterfly with a Twitter addiction, or something even more embarrassing – a fashion faux pas? Let's face it, most cases are about as stylish as a corporate drone in khakis. But fear not, phone fashionistas - Arc is here to liberate your mobile device from the tyranny of the bulky and boring.

Forget those forgettable phone cases peddled by companies that specialize in lukewarm innovation and flimsy plastic. Arc is the brainchild of three college buddies – think Steve Jobs with a fashion design degree – who were sick and tired of clunky tech and phone armor that resembled medieval torture devices.

Introducing the Arc Pulse Case: Your Phone's Superhero Sidekick

The Arc Pulse case is basically Iron Man for your iPhone. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, it's lighter than your weekend plans and tougher than a Nokia built by Vikings.

This two-layer masterpiece absorbs impacts like a boss, so you can ditch the helicopter-parent routine whenever you put your phone down.

But here's the twist: Arc Pulse isn't just a bodyguard, it's a conversation starter. The Aurora Blue option has a hidden talent for shapeshifting, transforming from a deep blue into a dazzling light show.

Forget the Screen Protector Struggle is Real

Let's be real, most screen protectors feel like a punishment for having impeccable taste. Scratches, fingerprints – the whole ordeal is enough to make you toss your phone in frustration. Arc Shield throws all that drama out the window.

Made from top-secret Corning Gorilla Glass (we're picturing lasers and tiny robots involved), this shield is practically invincible. Butterfingers rejoice!

The best part? It's so thin and crystal clear, you'll swear it's invisible – like a phone magic trick!

Arc: It's Not Just a Case, It's a Phonevolution

Arc isn't just about protecting your phone, though they do that like champs. It's about elevating your entire tech experience. With Arc, your phone transforms from a boring brick to a sleek extension of your personality.

Bulky cases? Begone!

Arc banishes the battleship-sized phone cases and ushers in an era of exquisite electronics – where style and protection coexist in perfect harmony.

Imagine a phone that complements your look, not conceals it. Now that's a phone revolution we can all get behind.


Words nad photos by AW.


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