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A Royal Revelation: Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal.

Step away from the blaring neon and into a world of hushed reverence. Imagine a dimly-lit speakeasy, shadows dancing on plush armchairs, a snifter of Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal cradled between your fingertips. The cognac itself gleams like a polished mahogany table, a rich, deep amber that hints at the treasures within.

The name itself, "Accord Royal," is a whispered secret, a pact between a fledgling vintner and a king. In 1738, France held onto its vineyards like a jealous lover.

But King Louis XV, with an eye for potential, granted a young Rémy Martin a special decree – an "Accord Royal" – to plant his vines. This cognac is a toast to that pivotal moment, a celebration of audacious dreams given a royal nod.

The first breath is a revelation.

Imagine a dusty antique shop, the sweet scent of aged paper mingling with the heady perfume of vanilla and a burst of sun-ripened plums.

As the liquor caresses your tongue, you're whisked away to a king's banquet. Butterscotch takes center stage, a touch opulent for some, perhaps, yet held in check by the understated whispers of oak and the gentle heat of cinnamon. Hints of spiced fruitcake and decadent mocha emerge, a playful echo of royal revelry.

As the flavours ebb and flow, a new wave takes hold – toasted almonds, the bittersweet kiss of dark chocolate, and a playful nip of black pepper. It's a finish fit for a king, lingering on the palate like a luxurious velvet robe.

This isn't your everyday tipple.

The 1738 Accord Royal is a story etched in amber, a chance to raise a glass not just to exceptional cognac, but to the unwavering spirit of ambition and a touch of royal whimsy. It's a cognac for those who savor tradition, but with a twist – a hint of rebellion that lingers long after the last drop is gone.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Rémy Martin.


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