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A Legendary Night with Sir Paul McCartney: The Got Back Tour Takes Sydney by Storm.

The anticipation was palpable as Sydney counted down the hours to experience a musical journey through time with none other than Sir Paul McCartney. The legendary 81-year-old singer-songwriter brought his "Got Back Tour" to Allianz Stadium, making it the latest stop on a string of epic concerts that had already wowed fans in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Newcastle. Now, it was Sydney's turn to rock out with the iconic music legend on Friday and Saturday nights.

McCartney managed the near-impossible feat of condensing decades of hits, personal favourites, and fan-beloved tracks into a perfectly curated three-hour setlist. A staggering 32 songs, 160 minutes of pure magic, followed by a seven-song encore that left the audience in awe.

The good news for fans coming to the Sydney shows is that McCartney's setlist has remained steadfast since the North American tour ended about 16 months ago, allowing them to know exactly what to expect. The "Got Back Tour" consistently opened with The Beatles' 1964 classic "Can't Buy Me Love" and closed each show with "The End," a poignant choice as it was the last song the band ever recorded.

However, throughout the tour, McCartney added some new songs, even if they weren't always the crowd's top picks. He humorously noted the contrast in audience reactions between classic Beatles hits and new material, where the former would light up the venue with smartphone screens, creating a starry galaxy effect, while the latter, despite being played anyway, seemed to form a musical "black hole."

A significant highlight of the show was a virtual duet with McCartney's former Beatles bandmate, John Lennon, kicking off the encore with a touching rendition of The Beatles' hit "I've Got A Feeling." McCartney spoke warmly about the experience, calling it "kind of magic" and emphasizing the importance of being in tune with your fellow musician when playing live.

McCartney's band, including guitarist Rusty Anderson, bassist/guitarist Brian Ray, pianist Paul 'Wix' Wickens, and drummer Abe Laboriel Jr., perfectly complemented the living legend's on-stage energy. Their collaboration, evident on the large screens behind the stage, brought the music to life and created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the audience.

The setlist featured classic Beatles songs, deep cuts, and newer tracks, showing McCartney's dedication to keeping his performances fresh and exciting for both him and the fans. The musician's charm, incredible talent, and the sheer magic of his music left no room for doubt that McCartney, even at 81, is a force to be reckoned with on the stage.

In a concert filled with tributes to his friends, both musically and anecdotally, McCartney demonstrated his unwavering passion for song writing and performance. With a vast and enduring songbook spanning almost 60 years, the show celebrated the extraordinary legacy of The Beatles and McCartney's exceptional solo career.

With a glint in his eye, McCartney, at 81, defied age, flitting between guitar, bass, keys, and even a ukulele. His voice, though weathered by time, effortlessly reached the high notes, reminding the audience of the cheeky Liverpool schoolboy who, alongside his friends, changed the course of music history.

The show wrapped up with a resounding encore, which included a digital resurrection of John Lennon, creating a poignant moment that touched the hearts of the audience. As the concert came to an end with The Beatles' iconic "Golden Slumbers" and "The End," McCartney carried the weight of the past lightly, leaving the audience with an unforgettable experience and the reassurance that music transcends time.


Words by AW.


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