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A Journey Through Time and Taste: The Essence of India in Every Sip of Indri Whisky.

Forget your fancy single malts with their stuffy pedigrees. Indri Distillery is about capturing the essence of India in a bottle. Every sip is a journey through time, geography, human ingenuity and enough fermentation to make a yak yodel.

Imagine this: a land cradled by the Himalayas, where the mighty River Yamuna gurgles merrily, likely from all the partying going on downstream. That's where Indri calls home, a place where spirits soar and the locals have a healthy respect for a good tipple.

The Grand Trunk Road: More Than Just a Route for Spice Traders

Indri's story isn't confined to one valley. It winds along the Grand Trunk Road, an ancient highway older than your grandpappy's rocking chair. This road has seen it all: traders, armies, and who knows, maybe even a drunken elephant brigade.

The point is, this path soaked up the vibrant spirit of the subcontinent, a spirit that Indri bottles up with every batch.

Indri's home turf is the "Green Bowl of India," a place overflowing with life and, more importantly, the perfect ingredients for a stellar drink. Here, the locals live life to the fullest, their zest for life rivaled only by their thirst for…well, you get the idea.

The folks at Indri Distillery respect tradition.

They've been handling malt for decades, not unlike the Piccadily family before them. But they also know the value of a good crazy idea. They believe youthful curiosity is the key to unlocking new flavours, just like that time someone decided to mix barley and water and see what happened.

The Secret Weapon: Six-Rowed Barley

Indri's unique taste isn't just some marketing gimmick. It comes from a special six-rowed barley, cultivated in Rajasthan. This barley may be a bit of a low-yielder, but it gives Indri a flavour that's like a fruit and flower orchestra conducted by a tipsy cherub – complex, delightful, and slightly unpredictable.

Indri's Trinity: A Symphony of Sips for the Curious Connoisseur

Indri's flagship whisky, the "Trinity," is a flavor odyssey for the discerning drinker. Its complex profile unfolds like a surprise party in your mouth, where familiar notes of oak and caramel take an unexpected turn, leading you down a path of intrigue and delight.

Imagine a squad of casks – seasoned veterans of the bourbon, French wine, and sherry battlefields. These battle-hardened barrels come together in a harmonious alliance, their combined magic maturing Indri's malts to glorious amber perfection.

Think of it as a Voltron situation, but instead of forming a giant robot, they form a flavor colossus that will blow your mind, or at least your taste buds.

What tickles the nostrils upon approach is reminiscent of sticking your nose into a gourmet fruit basket that's been hanging out with some friendly spices.

Picture caramelized pineapple chilling with vanilla and black tea, all whispering secrets of raisins and citrus to a backdrop of subtle nuttiness.

On the top of the mouth, Trinity is a smooth operator. It glides across your palate like a silver-tongued salesman, leaving a trail of elegant richness and warmth. Gentle spice and woody whispers mingle with each other, creating a symphony of flavour that's anything but one-note.

The elongated finish of Trinity is a masterclass in balance. Each flavour note compliments its neighbour, refusing to dominate the party. It's a smooth, lingering goodbye that leaves you wanting more, like that witty remark you forgot to deliver at the office meeting.

Indri Dru Cask Strength: A Tropical Island in a Bottle

Indri's spirit starts small, a story sown by a sun-baked farmer named Goda Ram. His barley, blessed by back-breaking labor, embarks on a bold botanical adventure. First, it's floor-malted, then waltzes with a symphony of pot stills. Finally, it finds itself on an all-expenses-paid vacation under the unforgiving Indian sun, nestled in ex-bourbon casks. Each sip sings a song of scorching summers and sun-drenched swagger - a testament to this barley's bold biography.

The bottle itself is a looker. Imagine an elegant glass vessel cradled in a velvet-lined wooden box – the kind of thing you wouldn't mind showing off at your next dinner party.

On the nose, Indri Dru is essentially a technicolour fruit riot, i.e. a melange of mango, papaya, and enough citrus to make your taste buds do a hula dance. But it's not all sunshine and sweetness – there's a hint of vanilla, coconut, dark chocolate and even a whisper of peppery spice to keep things interesting.

The taste of Indri Dru is a journey for your palate. It starts with a burst of sweet orange, mango chutney and tropical fruits, e.g. roasted pineapple then takes a detour into sour lime territory, before circling back to a creamy coconut, honey-soaked papaya and chocolate finish that's like a bounty bar in a glass.

There's a light peppery kick backed by rich cacao and cardamon seeds that keeps things lively, and the oak influence is subtle but present.

The finish starts out promising, like that blissful post-dessert sugar rush. The rum-soaked pineapple, candied orange peel, and caramel syrup all linger like sweet memories.

Just like the Trini stole my heart, Indri Drú does not mess around. Every flavour nuance is cranked up to eleven, a bold and beautiful cacophony for those who appreciate a whisky with some oomph.

Some whiskies are content with a staycation in a damp cellar. Indri's "Trinity" prefers a tropical getaway. This bold dram is for the adventurous drinker seeking a taste of sun-drenched defiance.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Indri Distillery.


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