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A Culinary Masterpiece at Oribu: Parramatta's Japanese Gem.

While Parramatta, with its rich cultural tapestry, has never not been a beacon for diverse cuisines, there has been an authentic Japanese dining experience shaped hole in its offerings, especially when it comes to marrying traditional approaches with modern influences.

Enter Parramatta's latest culinary gem, Oribu.

Situated within the heart of the Heritage Precinct on Church Street, Oribu introduces a new era of Japanese fine dining to the region, meticulously crafted by its Head Chef, Harry Cho.

Chef Harry Cho, with over two decades of culinary expertise, including a tenure at the world-renowned Nobu, brings a unique touch to the art of Japanese cuisine, enriched by his military background.

At Oribu, Chef Cho artfully transforms fresh ingredients into culinary masterpieces, using cooking skills learned from his Korean father and Japanese mother. His creative approach shines through the innovative menu, which includes delights like edamame with truffle oil, lamb cutlets with miso sauce, and salmon jalapeno tartare tacos.

The menu at Oribu resonates with authenticity while delighting patrons with unique twists, which are testament to Oribu’s meticulous approach to each dish. It becomes instantaneously apparent that not merely the menu has been refined and perfected, but that an underlying narrative and culinary tale has been crafted to add a layer of depth to a holistic experience that resonates with all senses.

Sitting down for Oribu's Chef's Tasting Menu is nothing short of embarking on a gastronomic journey that leaves a lasting impression. Priced at $150 per person, this menu is a testament to the full potential of Oribu, thoughtfully curated by Head Chef Harry Cho.

After easing into the proceeding with Royal Miyagi Oysters with Citrus Dark Tosazu and Sea Blite, the evening commenced with the Hiramasa kingfish carpaccio, and it was immediately evident that we were in for an extraordinary experience. The precision with which it was presented reflected Chef Cho's commitment to perfection. The dish was a revelation of delicate flavours, and the freshness of the ingredients shone through.

A selection of the freshest sashimi followed, offering a delightful contrast in textures and tastes. Each piece was a testament to the chef's meticulous sourcing of premium ingredients. The sashimi showcased a deep respect for tradition while embracing contemporary interpretations.

One of the standout moments of the evening was the yuzu guacamole paired with crispy lotus chips and yukari salt. This dish displayed Chef Cho's creative fusion approach, seamlessly blending Japanese and Mexican influences.

The yuzu-infused guacamole added a refreshing citrus note, while the lotus chips provided a satisfying crunch. It was a harmonious dance of flavours that delighted the palate.

The succulent grain-fed tenderloin brochettes were a carnivore's dream. Cooked to perfection, they exemplified Chef Cho's mastery of the culinary arts. Each bite was a revelation of tender, juicy meat, and it was clear that every detail, from sourcing to preparation, had been meticulously considered. A choice of side dish accompanied the brochettes, further enhancing the dining experience in a customised manner depending on your preference.

As the evening drew to a close, we were treated to a divine yuzu sorbet. Served with coconut cream, fresh berries, and a hint of vanilla fairy floss, it was a symphony of flavours and textures. The yuzu sorbet was a refreshing palate cleanser, and the coconut cream added a luscious creaminess. The addition of fresh berries provided a burst of sweetness, and the vanilla fairy floss was a whimsical touch that add a playful flair. This dessert encapsulated Chef Cho's passion for creating a memorable conclusion to the meal.

Another standout offering on the menu includes the "Oribu Omakase Platter," a 60-piece tour de force featuring pristine salmon, scallops, seafood ceviche, and more. "Omakase," meaning "to entrust" in Japanese, captures the essence of this dish, as it allows diners to entrust Oribu's culinary team with the best of what's available.

What sets Oribu’s idiosyncratic approach apart from similar offerings is that it focuses not merely on the depth and breadth of Japanese culinary artistry celebrating the ocean's bounty but also pays homage to the beauty of simplicity in Japanese cuisine.

Those seeking an epicurean adventure that combines tradition with innovation, Oribu is a must-visit destination as Chef Cho's dedication to authenticity of Japanese inspired cuisine is sure to be remembered long after the meal has ended.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of AW and Oribu.


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