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Yuki Threads - Skiing Is A Dance And The Mountain Always Leads

While I loved skateboarding as a prepubescent, these days I appreciate the calm skiing and snowboarding provides along with the opportunity to become on with the calm of nature in “blankets of white as they brighten the night” as Marvin Gaye ever so eloquently croons. I would never claim that I am particularly good at skiing and snowboarding, but I enjoy it immensely while listening to Johann Sebastian Bach, no matter if I got a chance to indulge in it in Canada, German or Japanese Alps or the Snowy Mountains in Australia. Since having the chance to visit snowy territory is not a regular occurrence when it comes to my extracurricular activities, an annoying recurring theme when I find myself in arctic and other harshly cold environments is the fact that I for the longest time, without fail, regretted to have invested in suitable outerwear gear, resulting in renting often overpriced gear locally and making a mental note to eventually forgetting all about it.

When it comes to great winter gear, a waterproof, breathable fabric with taped seams, high collar, a hood that ideally fits over a helmet with independent drawstrings, extra-long sleeves or stretchy inner cuffs and covered zips that not only keeps the snow and rain out, but lets your sweat escape via underarm ventilation zips too is essential, especially since I tend to sweat quite a bit when I fear for my life attempting to expose myself to more advanced tracks.

A designated lift-pass pocket does go a long way as does a snow skirt for keeping powdery snow from wetting your base-layers and inside pockets for your carry essentials.

Lastly, aesthetically most snow gear does not seem to be geared to be not an eyesore or at least does not lend itself to be worn outside the confines of the slopes, so bonus points for colours one can live with when using it for hiking or running the odd errand without a costume change.

After unsuccessfully trying to chase down the snowboarding collecting that Pushead designed for Nike, I finally found a brand that ticked all boxes when it comes to protection from a sphere of harsh elements.

Founded twelve years ago and informed by the vision to create an Australian branded snow apparel that style-wise was aiming at a hybrid of durable gear that can be relied on while shredding and street-fashion that can be worn anywhere, Yuki Threads was incepted. The fact that from the get go, Yuki Threads was informed by its focus firmly set on supporting local communities as well as sustainability does not hurt either.

Yuki Thread’s ergonomically fitting elastic gear is ethically manufactured and made out of recycled fabric, i.e. organic cotton, and recycled polyester that otherwise would be ending up in landfill, with a percentage of each sale being donated to environmental grassroots organisations. Apart from the heavier gear for mountain based snow activities, I love Yuki Thread’s hoodies with their heavy weight brushed fleece, internal media pockets and moisture wicking, cushioned merino blend socks as they prove ideal for travelling or other occasion when I need to layer up.


T • February 9, 2022

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