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Water of Life – Glencairn Crystal

There is certainly no shortage of opinions when it comes to the question of the design and look of the vessel whisky is to be enjoyed from. Fact is that a well-crafted glass can change your drinking experience to the better, especially if your appreciation of spirits has matured past the stage of shooting and gulping.

While I find merits in the tulip-shaped copita glass for its aroma and flavour enhancing qualities and find the “shot glass” the least favourable option for anything you would actually like to savour, my go-to is the good ole traditional Glencairn glass. My preference goes as far as that I usually travel with one as one never knows when the aromas of a great drop are to be appreciated in a concentrated manner on the nose. Its shape lends itself perfectly well to fully experience the layering of flavours and with the glass being tapered at the top, it lets you focus on the essence of each expression, with the thick stem making sure that any unintentional heat is kept at bay. The Glencairn Crystal feels good when held in hand, lets one swirl whiskies around, provides the drop with room to breathe and delivers seamless drinkability. The fact that it looks aesthetically pleasing does not hurt either. In essence, it is the definite whisky glass for me and I was delighted that Glencairn Crystal have recently released a limited coloured edition, which is fantastic for blind tasting sessions.

Glencairn’s whisky mixer glass is another one of my favourites as it is versatile and can be used for neat sipping, on the rocks and mixers and is fantastic for Old Fashioneds and other whisky cocktails as it allows rooms for garnishing.

Having been developed in close consultation with the Canadian whisky industry, it lends itself especially well to savour the notes on the sweeter end of the spectrum of rye whiskies.

With my better half harbouring a weak spot for gin rather than whisky, we were delighted to find that Glencairn Crystal channelled their expertise in the creation of a proper gin goblet glass. With the enrichment of the drinking experience being the foremost pursuit, Glencairn has created a beautiful goblet that keeps the warmth of your paws away from the spirit and at the same time necessitates less ice. I love when glasses feel natural yet a lot of thought has gone into the actual design, which can be specifically experienced in this case with its lip and a curved design.


image from company website

February 25, 2021

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