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Water of Life – Arnolfo di Cambio

No matter if it is fashion, interior, urban or architectural design – the Italian way of doing things has consistently been pushing boundaries in any conceivable way or form and firmly established itself on the worldwide firmament as a trendsetter.

When it not only comes to the application of traditional techniques to the production of objects made of crystal but maximising its natural characteristics, Arnolfo di Cambio is no exception.

Founded in 1963 in Colle Val d’Elsa, the company has been thriving on innovation and unique designs for nearly six decades and a focus on not only negotiating between the past and present by combining the art of glassblowing, manufacture and new technologies, but extensive involvement and collaborations with genre defining luminaries from the world of design who infuse their alchemy into the DNA of di Cambio’s DNA.

Needless to say that di Cambio’s emissions are not only considered pieces of art but have found their way to become fixtures of permanent art exhibitions and infiltrated mainstream media, such as the Ridley Scott’s movie Blade Runner with an idiosyncratic set of custom-made tumblers.

Now, when it comes to the enjoyment whisky, personal preference as to the choosing of the right vessel varies as it can be seen as both an extension of one’s personality as well as one’s taste in the water of life. My trusted go-to is usually the Glencairn glass, as it proves to be particularly well designed to channel the aromas and flavour nuances to both the nostrils and the palate and anyone remotely into enjoying a good drop would be able to attest that the right glass can significantly enhance the sipping experience.

However, special occasions demand special drinkware, which is where Arnolfo di Cambio enters the stage with its Cibi collection.

Structure-wise, the retro futuristic, hand-crafted Blade Runner rocks glasses are optimised for breathability to enhance the aeration of molecules, with ideally a finely calibrated distance to your nose.

What I love about the Blade Runner tumbler is that its balanced weight adds a premium touch when nursing a drink, which it has a deliberate understated aesthetic that offers something for the eye – an aesthetic that pays homage to both the original movie from the early eighties as well as the recent sequel to the science fiction saga, marrying past, present and future in iconic crystalline form.

David Lee Roth once quipped that he used to jog but he quit as the ice cubes kept falling out of his glass - fitting 370ml, the heft of the Cibi tumbler would have helped Diamond Dave to continue his workout regimen as it not only accommodates rocks galore but serves as the ideal glass for a well-made Old Fashioned.

A statement piece that instantaneously adds character and style to its surroundings.

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