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Water of Life – Amber Lane

We have covered quite an array of Australian whiskies as part of this series and while terra australis has established itself firmly on the firmament of quality whiskey producing nations, it was only over the last couple of years that distilleries evolved to create more refined and complex expressions and thereby crafting their own DNA.

Incepted in 2017 and based in the Yarramalong Valley on New South Wales’ Central Coast, Amber Lane distillery started out as a venture of the duo Rod Berry and Phil Townsend, which since then have grown their operations significantly and committed themselves to not only crafting high-grade spirit via using a pot still for double distillation and a consistent high-quality mash bill, but curating seasoned barrels and taking their time with the maturation process until their drops hit the sweet spot as far as the complexity of their flavour profiles is concerned.

My first exposure to Amber Lane was via their Destiny expression, which is comprised of a union of whiskies that have matured for four years in ex-Heaven Hill American Oak Bourbon Casks and ex-Fernando de Castilla and ex-McWilliams Sherry casks.

Upon approach the nostrils are tickled by honeyed vanilla aromas, which seamlessly transition to the top of the mouth where buttercream, macaroons and vanilla custard collide with a caramelly top layer, pieced by gingery, slightly floral and acidic notes.

The elongated finish reverberates with delightful fruity and raisiny notes, which make this little number a dessert dram par excellence.

Amber Lane’s second release is aptly called Liquid Amber, the dark fruity chestnut nose of which clearly indicates that we landed firmly in Sherry Cask territory.

On the palate butterscotch dances with honeyed chocolate, caramel and tangy nuances, which culminate in a distinctly berry and fig dominated sweetness before things are rounded out via an excursion through cinnamon valley.

Given the quality of what I have tasted, I cannot wait to try Amber Lane’s new Cask Strength expression.


image from company website

T • June 13, 2022

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