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Volley Footwear

We covered how much boots and specifically Dr. Martens coined underground couture in the 1970s and throughout the 1980s. However, with the advent of hardcore and straight edge, punk got a long needed overhaul – down to below the heel.

While the youth crew movement limited itself to brands that made a commitment to animal free products like New Balance and an all-out athletic look with non-leather Air Jordans, other started wearing skate shoes or Chuck Taylors.

Minor Threat and the Dischord family always had a faible for breaking away from punk’s strict style codes and started wearing boat and tennis shoes in the sole department, a style of shoes that since the early 1980s has come a long way.

An example par excellence for a classic tennis shoe is the model that Davis Cup winner Adrian Quist created in 1939: Based on an idiosyncratic herringbone grip on a soft rubber sole, what was to become the immensely influential Volley shoe was born and has graced not only tennis courts ever since.

With a commitment to ethically sourced apparel and footwear, Volley has created its own lane and accomplished the art of maintaining the DNA of their brand yet incorporate subtle adjustments in a bid to create a stylish, contemporary portfolio of comfortable shoes.

What I like about Volley’s range is that they can be effortlessly and seamlessly combined with any wardrobe, be it formal or informal. Remastering e.g. models like their 1982 Volley High Leap in form of the Heritage model, pays homage to the styles of the 1980s while incorporating nuances that are at times reminiscent of contemporary sneakers like Yeezys while staying in classy territory.

Over the last couple of years, Volley has branched into creating more sturdy boots, like their Overgrip Leather as part of their premium Black Label capsule, which has been designed for rocky and concrete terrain.

Again, the DNA of Volley, i.e. the iconic herringbone outsole and rounded rubber toe cap are still there yet the boot is enhanced by Napa leather, a DAMPENERTECH10 shock absorbing footbed and a reinforced webbing heel tab, the sum of which not make it a boot with an edge but one of the most easy to wear and comfortable set of kicks.

Volley’s new "Ours" unisex apparel capsule is yet to bear fruits in differently styled garments, but if their first emission is anything to go by, they are on the right track. Right in time for the local Mardi Gras celebrations their relaxed fit 100% cotton loop back French Terry shirt with the trademark rainbow coloured blind heat embossed Volley logo, does not only feel great but serves as eye candy was well.

Cannot wait to see Volley explore venture further into creating different styles while with their quality approach.


images courtesy of Volley

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