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Thus Let Us Drink Beer- Young Henrys 10 Year Anniversary

Young Henrys must have been one of the first breweries that we covered as part of this series and we have consistently covered its ascent from a quality brewery to an entity that became much more than the mere sum of its parts would suggest: In 2022, Young Henrys serves not merely as a magnet for beer aficionados but also as a haven for musicians, artists and an idiosyncratic melange of free spirits, who are attracted by the brand by its endeavours to pro-actively nurture collaborations with bands, magazines and whoever else feels right to partner up with.

To celebrate Young Henrys’ ten year anniversary and a decade of the shenanigans that came along with it and added to its appeal, they brewed a special, limited edition birthday Barrel Aged Red Ale.

Adorned with art courtesy of Sindy Sinn, the 500ml tin houses a ruby coloured Red Ale that clocks in at 8% ABV. Deriving its complex melange of hoppy bitterness, saccharine, caramel and dark chocolate nuances from having been aged in port and rum casks, brown sugar is married with charred oaky highlights, which shine against a backdrop of fruity aromas, fresh floral notes and hints of roasted coffee, biscuits and caramel.

Having first collaborated on a Lager collaboration five years ago, 2022 sees Brisbane based rock band Dune Rats team up with Young Henrys again to create Dunies Lager, which is exclusively available online and at Dune Rats tour venues.

With a cartoonish, Simpsons-esque design, the low alcohol poundable lager’s hoppiness is derived from the Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado and Azaca quartet, the sum of which imbues this slightly hazy, yellow coloured, inoffensive drop with grapefruity citrus flavours, rounded out by an immensely enjoyable dank hop nose.

The result is a fun beer that is borderline ideal to be smashed all day alongside a BBQ on a sizzling hot day.


T • August 17, 2022

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