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Thus Let Us Drink Beer - Helios Brewing

Some claim that essentially, “redemption through chaos” forms the very essence of Greek mythology, in which the sun god Helios moved the sun across the firmament during the day, only to return to leisurely sip from a golden cup once it dawned.

In Helios Brewing’s case that golden cup is of course filled to the brim with beer, but it gets more literal as all their emissions do not only benefit from the rays of the Australian sun being channelled through solar panels to power the brewery, but have also been named after the deities of the pantheon and their counterparts from the netherworld.

Specifically within the confines of the Australian craft beer scene, sustainability ranks high on the agenda yet with both of Helios Brewing’s founders having background in environmental science, things are taken to the next level as deliberate efforts are made so sustainable practices pervade every facet of their operations – starting with solar power and fuelling both the heating of water for the mash and subsequent cooling in the cold liquor tank, to the composting of yeast via the treatment of wastewater to leftover grains being donated to farmers.

The first of Helios’ beers I sampled was the Cyclops IPA, which has an interesting twist as the hop forwardness one would expect from a West Coast IPA is counterpointed by a dominant syrupy malt backbone and a delicate bitterness, punctuated by toffee, citrussy and piney highlights.

Next up was the Medusa Black IPA and as the name suggests, not only in terms of colour things get more rustic, with the brew combining roasted coffee notes with subtle hints of pine and grapefruit. A complex one for the colder months of the year.

Ready to take things up two notches and feel the thunder?

Enter the Zeus' Thunderbolt Double IPA.

The name is quite a mouthful and the beer does not disappoint. Think intense sweet maltiness meeting fruity hops suffused by a hoppy delicate bitterness, countered with caramel-y, bready malt aromas.

An exercise par excellence in the creation of rich sipping Double IPA, which despite its comparatively high ABV of 9% still maintains drinkability and would prove to be an ideal accompaniment for savory meals.

Given the expertise and efforts that comprise the DNA of Helios Brewing, it should not come as a surprise that the attention to detail does not stop with the design of the cans, with the respective Greek gods and beasts not only being depicted in the most glorious ways, but the silver backdrop of the cans being used for some cool visual effects.


November 2, 2020

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