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The Evolution of Male Grooming: A Truefitt & Hill Experience.

In the not-so-distant past, a stale paradigm dictated that male grooming was either effeminate, bourgeois, or overly high-maintenance. Barbershops, in this outdated view, were relegated to obscure backstreets, catering mainly to middle-aged men. Fortunately, the past decade has witnessed a transformative shift in this perception, with a resurgence of quality male grooming options that boast variety, quality, and affordability.

The contemporary generation of barbershops doesn't just offer services; they provide comprehensive experiences, embracing inclusivity with gender-neutral services to cater to a diverse clientele. This shift is not about diving headfirst into a full-blown dapper dandy territory; it's about recognizing that good grooming is an act of self-respect.

While some argue that a regular hair salon can provide similar services, the truth lies in the distinctive experiences offered by a barbershop, including beard and mustache trims, scalp massages, line-ups, and traditional hot lather shaves with straight razors. Traditional male styles like skin fades have evolved into more experimental styles of all lengths.

In the landscape of city-center barbershops, venerable establishments like Truefitt and Hill stand out. Certified as the world's oldest barbershop, Truefitt and Hill are renowned for their iconic shaving line, endorsed by the English royal family, adding a touch of regality to the grooming experience.

Curious about the reputed offerings of Truefitt & Hill, I decided to experience it firsthand. After all, if it's fit for royalty, it's undoubtedly a cut above the rest. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary.

From the impeccably themed and well-maintained barbershop to the complimentary beverages (the Melbourne incarnation of Truefitt & Hill is fabled to proffer drams of Octomore), the atmosphere exuded class without unnecessary ostentation. The male and female barbers were unobtrusive, focusing on their craft rather than showcasing their skills.

Opting to rely on my barber's expertise for the cut and shave, it became evident that he

possessed a wealth of techniques and a keen attention to detail. His approach was confident yet adaptable, making the experience a personalized one. What stood out was his people skills—quick connections without being superficial, a rarity in such settings.

As the cut commenced, it felt akin to a surgical procedure. Every tool was meticulously organized, and each expert move seemed second nature. It was evident that this mastery was honed over years of practice.

Post-cut, I indulged in Truefitt and Hill's signature offering—the Royal Shave. An extravagant treatment that transcended reality, it included hot and cold towel treatments and a sensory journey through Truefitt & Hill's range of moisturizing and shaving potions. The experience was not just tactile but olfactorily delightful, with T & H's No.10 skincare and the trademark subtle yet nuanced cologne ranges leaving a lasting impression.

Having one's face tended to for an extended period is an intimate experience. The fact that I felt entirely at ease and exposed for not even a single second spoke volumes about the masterful technique applied. Truefitt & Hill's commitment to excellence turned a grooming session into a sensory journey—one that left me not just groomed but genuinely pampered.

The evolution of male grooming has indeed reached new heights, and Truefitt & Hill stands at the forefront, setting the standard for a grooming experience fit for royalty.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Truefitt & Hill and AW.


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