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Thames & Hudson and Monocle – making the world a smaller place

Having originally incarnated as a magazine fifteen years ago with its focus centred around covering global affairs and a high-end global lifestyle, Monocle has over the years evolved to include a range of verticals with one being dedicated to publishing exclusive coffee table books.

Being independent in nature, Monocle as a publishing house is in the fortunate position to not have to succumb to the dictates of a parent corporation. Monocle’s curation is not dependent on commercial pressures in terms of cost savings and chasing trends and instead focuses on attracting an engaged, quality audience.

With Monocle’s idiosyncratic facets being both substantiated and elevated by original photography across all its channels, it was only a matter of time until a book was going to be released to zero in on how Monocle channels the documentation of this world through its unique lens and the unprecedented access its editors enjoy.

The Monocle Book of Photography is, as the name suggests, an opulently illustrated linen-bound tome that apart from eye candy galore and the elegant and nuanceful portrayal of the uniqueness of this earthround, is flanked by essays and first-hand accounts of the photographers, which aids in contextualising the visual aspects.

Needless to say, having found immense enjoyment in previous releases of this series, i.e. The Monocle Book of Italy and The Monocle Book of Japan, I was thrilled to learn about Monocle’s plans to cover Europe’s northernmost reaches, especially since the Nordics’ approach to design and reasoned debate has been integral and omnipresent throughout Monocle’s emissions over the years.

The Monocle Book of the Nordics sheds light on what makes Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway tick and sets them apart from other territories, with attention being paid to details in the realms of architecture, art, design and savoir livre.

Given Thames & Hudson’s ( ) international outlook and status as one of the world’s leading publishers of illustrated books, one would be hard pressed to find a better partner to publish Monocle’s coffee table creations, which are in equal parts objet d’art, part photographic ode, part textual reflection, lending insights that make the world a smaller place and thereby serve as sheer endless sources of inspiration.


03 Feb 2023



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