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Sunglasses and Sustainability – Ozeano Vision

No matter what variant of music or art form you are into, as far as accessories are concerned there is hardly anything as omnipresent and relevant to conveying and reinforcing a certain style than a pair of sunglasses.

From early blues legends via icons like Miles Davis and Keith Richards, sunglasses can emphasize the wearer’s style and catapult things into a new dimension as they instal another barrier, an effortless cool – if done right - and an intriguing sense of mystique.

There are few everyday carry essentials where tiny details play such a dominant role, especially within the realm of music, some of which have aided in creating a timeless appeal and a thrall that generation after generation falls prey to.

Needless to say, sunglasses also imbue the aforementioned qualities outside the confines of music or stardom and infuse the dreary day-to-day with both a bit of fun and style.

Having meandered through different styles of glasses throughout the years from respectable to the novelty end of the spectrum, if I was to determine my current favourites it would be a melange of classic designs (seasons might come and go but CBGBs era Blondie and Rebel Without A Cause shades have yet to go out of style) mixed with the occasional metal framed model and every now and then a tinge of 1960s psychedelia. Getting older, ones with chunkier frames and the good ole brow bar metal framed model seem to be exerting an appeal.

All of the aforementioned make a statement and serve as an extension of one’s sense of style and individuality. All the better, if commodities like eyewear can be combined with sustainability, an appreciation for the natural world and a commitment to protecting it, which is where Ozeano Vision enters the picture and found its niche.

In essence, Ozeano Vision is a brand that does not merely pay lip service to being environmentally-friendly, but has its focus firmly set on not only on designing ethically handmade sunglasses using a one hundred percent biodegradable plant-based bio-acetates and extending its efforts to making all ingredients, accessories and packaging organic (even the waterproof case is made of Portuguese cork) and PETA-approved vegan.

The fact that from the proceeds, Ozeano Vision funds the removal of marine litter and the restoration of vision for people in need in less fortunate regions of this earthround by partnering with relevant charities, adds further communal benefits to its appeal.

I cannot count how many times I have broken glasses, be it by dropping them during a run, sitting on them or causing damage in transit while travelling. The merit of Ozeano Vision’s emissions, however, lies in the fact that they create durable, artisanal shades, which not only feature stylish Australian-made frames but come with a solid metal double hinge with Teflon-coated crews that avoid breaking under impact so that they can be taken on the road with confidence. Especially the latter is what you want if you make an investment in high calibre polarised sunglasses that are meant to last a lifetime.


image from company website

T • September 2, 2021

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