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Stutterheim – stylish melancholic practicality at its driest.

Depending on one’s disposition, rain can be perceived to be many things: The sky descending to the earth, a source of life or a metaphor for times of misfortune and while predicting rain is not exactly an art, building arks definitely is, which is where in terms of preparation Stutterheim enters the narrative.

Charles Baudelaire felt that he can barely conceive of a type of beauty that does not have melancholy at its core, which is a concept that Stutterheim founder Alexander Stutterheim firmly embraced as he harnessed it as a catalyst for his creativity after discovering the heavy duty fisherman’s raincoat of his grandfather after he had passed away on the small island of Arholma in the Stockholm archipelago.

It was this occurrence that within the context of the Nordic bleakness served as a source of inspiration for what twelve years ago was to become the first prototype for what was going to be incepted under the banner of the brand Stutterheim as we know it today.

Dedicated to create and handcraft durable yet fashionable rain gear, Stutterheim managed to quickly establish itself on the firmament of brands that artfully married traditional Scandinavian aesthetics with an idiosyncratic contemporary, understated yet at times futuristic metropolitan twist.

It did not take long until Stutterheim not merely kept folks around the globe dry but with its portfolio of premium raincoats evolved to a position where it organically took on a distinct modern identity as a lifestyle brand that never strayed from its ethos to create classics that outlive trends and defy unforgiving climate alike.

My straight-fitted Stockholm Lightweight is an example par excellence for an expertly made ultra-light waterproof raincoat. Tailored with double-welded seams, it provides protection against the rain despite the thin, 230-gram packable fabric, which makes it an ideal companion for travelling.

Rubber boots might not for nothing be not exactly known for being la dernier cri in terms of stylishness, however, Stutterheim’s take on the classic Chelsea boot, i.e. its trademark Rainwalker model is made of waterproof natural rubber that moulds into shape around the wearer’s feet with use, thereby cutting a sleek silhouette that add a level of sophistication and city smartness.

What I have grown particularly fond of is Stutterheim having expanded its range out into artisanally made rib-knitted merino wool knitwear, which allows for a layer of Stutterheim sartorial flair underneath the raincoat.

Incredibly soft in nature, the design of my roller sweater is further enhanced by subtle design details like e.g. an extendable cuff with thumb grip, which makes one hope for Stutterheim ( ) to branch out further into the design of other garments and delve further into collaboration to infuse other brand’s with their high-end designs.


14 February 2023

Words by AW

Photos courtesy of Stutterheim

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