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Stutterheim and the elegance of rain.

Rainfall, a symphony of droplets descending from the heavens, a dance of life-giving moisture, or a metaphor for moments of challenge and transformation—depending on one's perspective, rain embodies various meanings. While predicting rain may not be considered an art, the craftsmanship of building arks to weather its stormy embrace is where Stutterheim makes its mark.

In the words of Charles Baudelaire, beauty intertwined with melancholy unveils a profound depth. This sentiment resonated deeply with Alexander Stutterheim, the visionary founder who found inspiration in the sturdy raincoat of his late grandfather, discovered on the windswept island of Arholma in Sweden's archipelago. This poignant discovery amidst Nordic starkness ignited a creative spark, birthing the first prototype that would eventually evolve into the iconic Stutterheim brand.

Dedicated to create and handcraft durable yet fashionable rain gear, Stutterheim managed to quickly establish itself on the firmament of brands that artfully married traditional Scandinavian aesthetics and the subtle beauty of Swedish melancholy with an idiosyncratic contemporary, understated yet at times futuristic metropolitan twist.

It's not just about raincoats; it's about a journey through the rain-soaked streets of creativity and introspection offering something more than mere functionality. It's a brand that doesn't just sell raincoats; it invites you to dance in the rain, to find solace in the storm, and to celebrate the quiet moments of contemplation that define us all.

It did not take long until Stutterheim not merely kept folks around the globe dry but with its portfolio of premium raincoats evolved to a position where it organically took on a distinct modern identity as a lifestyle brand that never strayed from its ethos to create classics that outlive trends and defy unforgiving climate alike.

Take for example the Sandviken Long Matte Zip Raincoat, which blends elegance and functionality seamlessly, featuring impeccable craftsmanship, a waterproof fabric with double-welded seams and an aqua guard zipper for rain protection, a deep inverted box pleat for a relaxed fit, and stylish details like chunky cotton hood laces and front patch pockets.

Made with 100% PVC rubberized coating and 100% polyester membrane, it offers durability without compromising breathability. Versatile and timeless, it's a must-have for fashion-forward individuals seeking a stylish yet practical raincoat.

Stutterheim's Dala Matte Trousers feature a PVC rubberized coating and polyester membrane for rain protection and comfort. With thoughtful design elements like an elastic drawstring waist and patch pockets, these trousers are versatile for outdoor activities and urban settings, making them a stylish choice for those seeking both performance and fashion.

One of our favourite Stutterheim creations is the Ringen Opal Overshirt which is essentially a suave armor against nature's whims. Crafted for men, this sleek overshirt boasts a waterproof fabric that shields you from wind and rain while adding a contemporary flair to your ensemble.

Its double-welded seams ensure unwavering weather security, keeping moisture and chills at bay. From unexpected spring showers to autumn's gentle drizzles, this overshirt ensures you stay dry and stylish.

Again, as with most of Stutterheim's garments, versatility reigns supreme with the Ringen Opal Overshirt: Transition effortlessly between seasons, layering comfortably without sacrificing style. Its relaxed fit and adaptable design make it a wardrobe staple for the modern man, ready to face any weather challenge.

The shiny variant of the Ringen adds sophistication, while sturdy buttons and practical pockets enhance its utility and charm.

What we have grown particularly fond of is Stutterheim having expanded its range out into artisanally made rib-knitted merino wool knitwear, which allows for a layer of Stutterheim sartorial flair underneath the raincoat.

Incredibly soft in nature, the design of my roller sweater is further enhanced by subtle design details like e.g. an extendable cuff with thumb grip, which makes one hope for Stutterheim to branch out further into the design of other garments and delve further into collaboration to infuse other brand’s with their high-end designs.


Words by AW

Photos courtesy of Stutterheim


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