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St-Rémy Signature Brandy

Brandy enthusiasts are a devoted bunch, but there's a significant segment of the market that seldom thinks about brandy. They might cook with it, enjoy it during fine dining, or as in our case, enjoy whisky having aged in its barrels, but rarely savour it at home.

So, what is the strategy when launching a new brand of brandy aimed at attracting a fresh audience to this category?

Enter St-Rémy Brandy and their innovative creation, St-Rémy Signature, designed as "an approachable brandy for a new generation of brown spirits drinkers."

What's the marketing approach here? Well, St-Rémy Signature sets itself apart in several ways. Firstly, its enticing price point makes it accessible to a broad audience. But what truly distinguishes it is its unique blend of dozens of grape varietals sourced from various regions across France, including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Beaujolais, and the Rhône and Loire valleys. This distinctive concoction is the brainchild of master blender Cecile Roudaut, marking her debut creation for St-Rémy.

Another noteworthy aspect is the aging process of St-Rémy Signature. It undergoes a double cask maturation, commencing in virgin, newly charred oak, a technique often seen in the whiskey world, especially in Scotch whisky. This approach accelerates aging and imparts rich color and flavor. After this initial stage, the brandy is transferred to traditional reused ("seasoned") casks for a second maturation. The final product is bottled at the standard 40% ABV.

On the nose, St-Rémy Signature Brandy greets you with pronounced spice, oak, and char notes, intertwined with bursts of lively grape fruitiness. A jammy fruitiness is married with a hint of tartness, accompanied by cinnamon, anise, a subtle chocolate essence, and the scent of freshly charred oak. There is even a welcome yet faint suggestion of smoke in the background.

On the palate, the grape flavours come to the forefront, offering moderate sweetness and a touch of marmelade richness. However, the char and baking spices reassert themselves towards the finish. Picture apple and pear fruitiness mingled with vanilla, reminiscent of a fruit tart, complemented by sweet cinnamon and star anise.

Over time, it evolves into a nougat-like impression, becoming even sweeter and more reminiscent of candy with each sip.

To seasoned brandy aficionados, this sweetness might seem pronounced, but it is undoubtedly a deliberate choice to cater to contemporary tastes and curious consumers exploring aged brandy.

Summa summarum, St-Rémy Signature's profile is straightforward and approachable, while upholding the cherished traditions and maintaining the historical smoothness that defines St-Rémy and its cognacs.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of St-Rémy.


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