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Song for the Mute: A Tapestry of Time and Textiles Unveiled.

In the ever-evolving rhythm of fashion, where trends ebb and flow like melodies, Song for the Mute emerges as a timeless anthem, weaving a narrative that dances through the epochs. Founded in 2010 by the visionary duo Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty, this Australian fashion sanctuary harmonizes community, authenticity, and sumptuous textiles into the very fabric of its identity.

A Symphony of Patterns and Textures

Song for the Mute paints a canvas that defies conventional strokes. Short-sleeved shirts adorned with eclectic patterns waltz alongside graphic T-shirts and artfully distressed knitwear. The brand's aesthetic, deeply rooted in authenticity, resonates as elevated streetwear, carrying a subtle hint of gothic allure.

From Down Under to Global Reverie

What commenced as a niche menswear collection has crescendoed into a global phenomenon. The journey, steered by Lyna Ty's Accademia Italiana Di Moda training and Melvin Tanaya's fusion of graphic design and business acumen, has been anything but ordinary. From humble origins, Song for the Mute now graces the shelves of premier retailers worldwide, from Dover Street Market Singapore to Selfridges in London, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong and China, and Leclaireur in Paris.

The Rebel Spirit of Song for the Mute

The brand's name is a clarion call to rebellion. 'Song for the Mute' arose from a fierce determination to amplify the voices of the unheard, challenging societal norms. Both first-generation Australians with diverse backgrounds, the founders, lifelong friends since primary school, evolved into creative collaborators through shared experiences.

Song for the Mute Essentials

For men, the essentials are simplicity personified yet impactful – a high-quality white tee, black tailored pants, and comfortable low-cut sneakers. The brand's ethos revolves around personal expression and comfort, emphasizing that style is the canvas of individuality.

SS24 Collection Unveiled: A Dreamlike Overture

In the sonnet of Spring/Summer 2024 fashion, Song for the Mute emerges as a nostalgic melody, intertwining its roots with a contemporary narrative. Creative Directors Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty embark on a journey into fantastical realms, crafting a co-ed collection that transcends the ordinary.

"The Dreamers" Collection: Melding Fantasy with Fashion

Drawing inspiration from dream-like landscapes, the collection paints a surreal picture where imaginary soldiers don oversized attire, wielding ginormous forks. Solemn eyes gaze through essential car coats, paired with vibrant linear wool trousers and avant-garde, overgrown footwear. Distorted zigzag patterns dance on trippy button-downs, while embellished tees, shredded workwear, and faded floral-painted jackets provide a dose of spiritual motivation.

A Harmonious Fusion: Menswear and Womenswear

In a choreography of design motifs, Song for the Mute boldly leads strong women into unusual landscapes, dressing them in fringed slip dresses and concealed net covers. The collection transcends gender norms, with similar design elements manifesting in both menswear and womenswear. Skin-tight fabrications molded to the body tell a story of empowerment and self-expression.

Adidas Originals Collaboration: Unveiling SFTM-003

SS24 marks Song for the Mute's third dance with adidas Originals, unveiling the highly anticipated "SFTM-003" sneaker. This avant-garde design boasts resistant nylon uppers, exposed foam tongues, and hiking-inspired clasped lacing. Available in multiple colorways, the sneaker is a visual feast. The apparel line, in collaboration with adidas, showcases paint-splattered knitwear, fuzzy shearling outerwear, pajama-like buttoned bottoms, and crinkled leather co-ords adorned with distinctive blue perimeter branding.

A Canvas of Artistic Expression

Song for the Mute's SS24 collection is not mere clothing; it's a canvas of artistic expression. Each piece narrates a story, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. The brand's commitment to pushing boundaries is evident in every paint splatter, every zigzag pattern, and every meticulously crafted silhouette.

A Voyage Through Time and Style

As Song for the Mute glances back to its origins, it propels itself into a future where fashion transmutes into a medium of storytelling. The SS24 collection is a testament to the brand's ability to evoke emotions, inspire dreams, and redefine the boundaries of what fashion can be. Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty have once again orchestrated a fashion symphony, beckoning us to step into a world where fantasy and style entwine in perfect harmony.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Song for thre Mute.


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