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Sartorial Swedish Fashion at its best – The Resort Co.

Given the history of the effortless cool the often minimalist, relaxed and monochrome Swedish couture exudes, it would prove to be difficult to argue the claim that what emerges from the most northern part of Europe has an inherent sense of style, which is not only informed but further enhanced by a keen eye for clean, versatile designs and an appreciation for timeless, vintage cuts.

What adds even further to the appeal is the fact that Scandinavian-chic has an excellent relationship with sustainable fashion with more often than not its guiding principles being centred around quality, longevity and recycling.

Enter The Resort Co, which is the epitome of Swedish style as the versatility and comfort of its collections paired with the fact that they strike just the right balance between timelessness and being on-trend, make them ideal for fashion-forward aficionados in search of a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, who want a comfortable, modern and compelling silhouette while still looking well put together.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans working in small family owned factories dotted around Portugal, Spain and Italy, The Resort Co’s pieces are imbued with quiet elegance, architectural shapes and inspired by a pared down design that is the paragon of contemporary style.

Given The Resort Co’s commitment to sustainability and a manufacturing process centred around a short supply chain, it makes it a go-to for environmentally conscious shoppers looking to fill wardrobe gaps for years, especially when it comes to poolside style.

A favourite of The Resort Co’s current collection is the sophisticated yet relaxed Popover in a soft cotton piqué jersey.

Designed with a loose fit, handcrafted in Esposende, Portugal with a voguish cutaway collar and mother of pearl buttons, it constitutes one of the most versatile shirts you can own as it is a brilliant hybrid between a polo and a classic button-down shirt and therefore incredibly easy to wear – no matter if you prefer to pair it with casual cotton or linen suits, sport coats, odd trousers, or casual chinos.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of The Resort Co.

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