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Salus skincare

Wind, weather, weather skin – skin care.

Skin care.

Ja, babyh, die Haut! Feeling good in your own skin is the essence of true beauty.

We are not getting younger and independently from age, there is always something to battle with from fighting acne when your first pubes appear to eventually the first emergence of wrinkles.

The skin game is always on and at some stage you might want to move from stealing and using your girlfriend’s products, and you know that you are are doing it, to stepping up your habits.

Basics first: Lathering up in the morning does not just aid the process of waking up but helps get rid of dead skin and applying moisturizer seems like the logical next step.

Hydrating is always a good idea – hydration nation through invigoration – along with cutting down on booze, sugar and caffeine as it dehydrates you and staying out of the sun and away from the smokes always sound like the sensible thing to do.

Hard to accomplish?

I hear you.

Getting what you need in terms of Zzzzz’s is something that sound appealing to fix the day’s wear and tear, but in this day and age it seems to get harder and harder to come by, same with a proper diet with ample vegetables and anti-oxidants.

There are no bottles of “Zen” available in your supermarket.

Now, there is not really a need for expensive five-step peels, caviar potions or expensive serums, as some are just a plain waste of money and layering on too many products can actually irritate skin. The key is washing and moisturizing every day and following a few other maintenance basics, for which I found an entity based in Melbourne that ticks the boxes in many departments.

I first came across Salus after attending a show at Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre.

The love affair began after using the soap dispenser in the bathroom and lotioning up afterwards. It smelt and felt amazing.

After the theatre show had wrapped up on the way out, the Malthouse staff handed out samples of Salus products, which held the initial promise and sealed the deal. I was hooked.

Turns out their products do not only feel and smell good, but their formulations are therapeutically active, i.e. botanicals, natural plant extracts pure essential oils without containing any synthetic fragrances, colours, sodium laurel sulphates and mineral oils, they are doing a wealth of good.

The fact that Salus has an eye on sustainability by using recyclable and reusable packaging, including the bottles, does not hurt either.

Favourite of the Salus range have quickly become the Pumice and Peppermint Men’s Soap, which cleanses and refines with its detoxifying black clay, cleansing peppermint and hydrating shea butter. It does a stellar job unclogging pores and smoothing out rough patches.

Yup, let’s delve deeper into territory most men shy away from: Scrubbing and moisturizing.

Salus got this Eucalyptus and Rosemary Purifying Body Scrub, which works a charm in tandem with the Calendula & Shea Butter Hydrating Body Cream.

Confused by the exotic nomenclature and myriad of ingredients? Let’s unpack: The first cleanses, smooth and softens dry skin with its bamboo and pumice components to stimulate cell renewal and restore glow, the latter is a restorative blend to nourish and protect with extracts of shea butter, calendula, sweet almond, chamomile and jojoba.

Sounds like a handful? It really is not. The aforementioned product pretty much cover all bases and can be easily applied on the go, which make them ideal travel companions.

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Lead photo from Kapow website. All other photos by T

T • August 18, 2018

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