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Rein - discreet, design-conscious dandruff control.

As Albert Camus quipped ever so eloquently, in the midst of winter he discovered that deep within his chest he harboured an invincible summer.

Now, while Camus’ life-affirming outlook is to be commended, a more mundane discovery outside the confines of the rejection of Sartrean existentialism that is made during the colder months that bring dry, cold air and an abundance of the Malassezia fungus is the enemy of black and navy clothing, i.e. the much dreaded dandruff.

With no shortage of hair products promising to get rid of impurities that may be causing the flakiness and misconceptions geared around the belief that dandruff is being caused by a dry scalp instead of excess oil, there are few potions that actually do the job and reduce the production of sebum - let alone ones that are aesthetically pleasing and address the issue more quietly rather than making one self-conscious via clinical packaging.

Enter Rein.

Concepted as an end-to-end anti-dandruff solution comprised of a shampoo and a conditioner, Rein harnesses natural extracts to not merely counteract dandruff but with its melange of emollients, almond oil and shea butter moisturises and repairs hair by channelling the properties of hydrolysed wheat protein for growth and volume of your luscious locks.

The schmick design of the sleek-cylindrical 500ml vessels Rein’s products come in is an exercise par excellence in terms of minimalism that due to the well-calibrated ombré gradient green colour scheme, idiosyncratic gold foil branding and a contrasting matte pump with ribbed collar, exudes a sartorial naval flair.

The fact that Rein’s scalp remedy solution is enhanced by its maritime scent, which is further nuanced by mandarin peel oil and hints of cedarwood not only adds to the appeal but makes the application an indulgent experience.

In essence, Rein presents an effective, premium alternative for design-conscious consumers that value both performance, aesthetics and understated luxury.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Rein Made.


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