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Ramon Allones Superiores: A Voyage Through Cuban Cigar Excellence.

The world of cigars holds within its depths a treasure trove of history, tradition, and captivating legends, and among the gems that gleam most brightly is the name Ramon Allones. With a heritage that stretches back through the annals of time, this Cuban cigar brand is distinguished by its unique qualities and enduring charm.

Exploring a Legacy of Pioneering Spirit

To truly appreciate the magnetic allure of Ramon Allones, one must first acknowledge the brand's pivotal role in shaping the cigar industry. This venerable name is heralded as one of the pioneers in the use of cigar bands—a practice that has since become an industry standard. Beyond the veneer of ornamentation, these bands serve as veritable seals of authenticity, infusing an aura of sophistication into the act of cigar smoking.

A Journey Through Changing Tides

The narrative of Ramon Allones is an intricate tapestry of transitions and evolution. In its formative years, the brand basked under the patronage of the esteemed UK importers, Hunters & Frankau, a tenure that led to its global eminence. In a plot twist fit for the world of cigars, the brand eventually changed hands, finding a new home with Partagas, thereby elevating its standing among connoisseurs. Remarkably, Ramon Allones holds a coveted place in the hearts of distributors who often handpick its cigars for Regional Editions, solidifying its cult status among those in the know.

The Smoking Odyssey: Beyond Compare

A cigar is more than a mere amalgamation of tobacco leaves; it is an odyssey, a sensorial experience.

With Ramon Allones Superiores, each cigar is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, with a wrapper bearing only a minor imperfection—a slightly rough grain. The draw, from the very first puff to the last, is an exquisite journey, epitomizing a smooth and enjoyable smoke.

Burning with precision, it traces a consistent, unswerving path, assuring a truly relaxing smoking session.

The ash, though tinged with a subtle hint of grey, stands steadfast and compact, augmenting the overall experience. The smoke emanates with abundance, fragrant and sporting a striking steely-blue hue that adds a visual dimension to the experience.

Ramon Allones Superiores: Not Just a Cigar, But an Odyssey

Ramon Allones Superiores is more than just a cigar; it's an odyssey into the realms of taste and aroma. Each puff carries you along a captivating path, weaving together notes of leather, coffee, and a subtle dash of pepper—a true testament to the essence of Cuban craftsmanship and complexity.

Perfect Pairings for Timeless Moments

Pairing the Superiores with the right beverage is akin to orchestrating a symphony of tastes and aromas. The cigar's earthy notes and medium body offer a versatile canvas. Opt for a smoky Islay whisky or a double espresso to harmonize flawlessly with the flavours. For an extraordinary and unique pairing, indulge in a flute of Champagne; the cigar's terracotta notes harmoniously interlace with the Champagne's mineral character, creating an unforgettable duet.

When to Savour a Superiores

The complexity and ever-evolving flavours make it a choice for those seeking to etch memorable smoking experiences in their lives. Whether you're an experienced cigar aficionado or a newcomer to the realm of cigars, the Superiores is an extraordinary choice. It's not just ready to be savoured now; it's poised to mature gracefully with time, promising a journey of exploration and pleasure.


Words by AW.


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