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Unless you are in lock down, chances are that you got keys and have to lug them around, which, depending on what you are carrying can be a bit of a hassle if you use the traditional setup, i.e. a ring with lose keys, as they are not only more often than not an eyesore in terms of creating a bulge but also are responsible for tear and wear in your skinny jeans.

There is certainly no shortage of key organizers out there, however, most look the part but do a meagre job at doing the organising bit. Some do not really do anything at all.

Now, thing is that the ones I found doing a good job, come with the downside of making it a bit harder to actually use the keys, so if you are in charge of London Dungeon and carry ten fobs to open the sesames to your car collection, they won’t be of much advantage, i.e. the less keys the better.

Keeping it simple however, i.e. house / office keys, fob and a few other loose keys, I found that what Orbitkey has perfectioned works extraordinarily well for me both in terms of convenience and functionality, as it allows not only to give structure to your messy pile of keys but also includes their own custom-made gadgets, e.g. a small knife, bottle opener, USB stick and a multitool.

Sure, it might add a minute extra step to opening your Ford Escort Sport but compared to other contraptions, it became second nature in no time.

The fact that the look of the key organizer is easy on the eye does not hurt either along with the option to upgrade and customise the materials used, no matter if you prefer vegan materials, hand-crafted leather or rubber in the aesthetics department surrounding the stainless steel locking mechanism.


image courtesy of Orbitkey

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