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Mühlbauer: Crafting Sartorial Statements with Artisanal Elegance.

In the realm of fashion, few elements are as underrated as hats, despite their potent ability to make a statement and elevate any ensemble. The key lies in having an array of sophisticated options beyond the mundane, ready for any occasion that may arise.

One name that has stood tall in the world of millinery for almost a century is Mühlbauer, an artisanal hat maker originating from a Vienna suburb. What started as a family business has blossomed into a powerhouse under the guidance of Klaus Mühlbauer, accompanied by designers Nora Berger and Madeleine Bujatti since 2001. Together, they orchestrate collections that blend handmade quality with contemporary designs, infused with a childlike joy in experimentation.

Mühlbauer's DNA is a fusion of meticulous craftsmanship and a playful approach to new, modern designs. Balancing global inspirations with the reimagination of classic styles, the brand holds a strong connection to Austrian hat tradition. Surrounded by mountainous terrain, Mühlbauer pays homage to its cultural roots, often integrating typical Austrian shapes, colours, and trimmings into collections while injecting a fresh twist for an entirely new creation.

Working with an array of materials—from straw and fabric to felt and leather—the brand's material choices go beyond ethics, considering textures, touch, overall feel, and the origin of each element.

The vibrant "Schwedenplatz" square in Vienna buzzes with life, mirroring the quality, design, and presentation of Mühlbauer's products. Julianna Mühlbauer laid the foundation for the brand in 1903, creating and selling hats in Floridsdorf. A century later, Klaus Mühlbauer, now in the fourth generation of the Mühlbauer family, manages the company and has successfully expanded its reach to the international market.

Unlike many hat brands that rely on industrial production, Mühlbauer places a significant emphasis on manual craftsmanship to ensure the highest quality, with the brand’s approach being informed by the belief that manufacturing by hand is the best way to ensure the finished hat exudes radiance and charisma.

The focus on design sets Mühlbauer apart, with a signature style evolving over years and generations, akin to visually perceivable heredity.

The brand's commitment to daring design over the last 15 years and the creation of innovative collections that push boundaries while maintaining a classic range that adds finesse to timeless staples has led to international acclaim. Strategic decisions in sales, investments, and online marketing, coupled with attention to presentation through shop design and campaigns, have played crucial roles. Mühlbauer's international standing has attracted celebrities like Brad Pitt and Yoko Ono to become patrons.

If you're on the lookout for a hat that seamlessly marries style and functionality, look no further than Mühlbauer's CAP Series, featuring the exquisite Base cap.

The Base cap boasts a design that effortlessly captures attention. With its low, rounded crown and a gracefully curved visor, it strikes the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and timeless charm.

Crafted from Loden, a densely woven material renowned for its slightly roughed-up surface, the Base cap transcends ordinary headwear. Sourced from the esteemed Austrian cloth maker Leichtfried, the material is a testament to Mühlbauer's commitment to quality. The extra-fine merino pure new wool used in Loden not only provides a luxurious feel but also showcases the brand's attention to selecting premium materials.

What sets the Base cap apart is the personalized touch of embroidery on the centre front. This thoughtful detail adds a unique and distinctive element, elevating the cap from a mere accessory to a personalized style statement.

Mühlbauer's dedication to quality craftsmanship, innovation, and the seamless blend of tradition with contemporary flair is evident in the Base cap. It stands as a shining example of the brand's commitment to providing headwear that goes beyond mere fashion – it's a symbol of artisanal elegance.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Mühlbauer.


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