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La Paz’ saudade – resisting the compulsive modernity of the fashion industry

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Having incarnated twelve years ago by two friends, i.e. André Bastos Teixeira and José Miguel de Abreu, in Porto, Portugal, the menswear label La Paz’ is centred around the source of inspiration that is the warm mood the Atlantic imbues its communities with along with the traditions it has inspired.

By-reimagining time-honoured designs and infusing them with their own idiosyncratic nuances, La Paz has created its own lane in the creation of timeless and durable fashion at the merging borders of high-end and leisure goods. Working hand in glove with curated local manufacturers, La Paz’ endeavours are informed by the harmonious relationships that have been nurtured since the brand’s inception, be it in-house, with the local artisans and its ever growing tribe of customers or with the planet we inhabit in terms of sustainability.

Perceiving success as being intrinsic, i.e. defined through love, kindness and community, La Paz appears to never be satisfied with the prevailing status quo but endeavours to push the envelope, not merely in helping shape a more conscious world via the way their products are distributed and sold but specifically in the realm of pro-actively research new organic and recycled materials which for the centre of its collections.

Given the aforementioned, La Paz ( ) truly embodies a playful, breezy and slick lifestyle comprised of what appears to be the reinvention of the creativity, simplicity of a by-gone fishermen era and an appreciation for fashionable leisure gear, the latter of which is heavily inspired by masculine, maritime themes and nautical traditions with a faible for irreverence and a devoted lack of pretension.

Personally, I have grown to love La Paz’s capsule collections and their collaborations with brands such as Universal Works and Monocle, all of which subtly celebrate the ethos of La Paz and the vision of a borderless, global community, substantiated by an inexplicable longing and enigmatic yearning of the soul to be transported from darkness into light.


08 Feb 2023


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