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Jabra Evolve series - professional headsets to enhance productivity in the open office.

Updated: May 9, 2023

Having pioneered the world’s first Bluetooth headset and with its efforts geared towards making life sound better through intelligent sound solutions, we have grown to appreciate Jabra and get mildly excited about its new releases as they prove that the brand is constantly putting effort into further fine-tuning its products to inspire better performance and productivity.

When it comes to innovative headsets, the Engage 75 Bluetooth model is an example par excellence for Jabra’s commitment to functionally, comfort and design that enables increased freedom of movement: Offering solid noise cancellation and certified for Cisco and Skype for Business, one of the many strongpoints is the clarity and intelligibility the microphone offers, with additional ambient mics allowing for the surroundings to be tuned into the mix if needed.

Lightweight, well-cushioned, padded and comfortable, the Engage 75 with its adjustable boom mic is a headset custom-made for business applications and long listening periods. With the lion’s share of the main controls being located on the right side, the corresponding side’s central button is aimed at activating the ambient mic so you can monitor your surroundings with ease, alongside the active noise cancellation button.

Automatically pairing with your favourite device of choice, a vocal prompt at the beginning of each session informs one how much battery life is left, which when fully charged is expected to clock in at about eighteen hours of talk time, seventeen hours of music and fifteen days of standby.

Equipped with a USB charging cable and a USB dongle, the setup allows for connecting the headset simultaneously to e.g. a computer and a mobile device.

While delivering solidly in many departments, specifically in the realm of intelligibly, quality stereo audio and avoidance of distortion, and with every aspect working seamlessly right out of the box, a noticeable omission with the Engage 75 is the lack of the Jabra Assist app, which we have grown to appreciate for fine-tuning the vocal preferences of Jabra’s other devices.

Summa summarum: If you are in the market for a headset that offers a seamless operation with a strong audio performance and call service software integration, Jabra Engage 75 offers a strong solution - however, if you want to take things a step or two further, we would recommend the Evolve 2 75.

The Evolve 2 75 offers all of the aforementioned features yet adds another dimension in terms of elegance and design: Starting with a shorter retractable microphone boom, the ease with which the set can be put on the discrete charging base, every facet of this little number feels well thought-through and finely crafted.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, it supports the pairing with up to eight different devices and can connect to two of those at any one time, with the functionality allowing to use and seamlessly transition two different computers or devices..

Requiring very little intervention for all functions, specifically the improved advanced noise cancellation is impressive when it comes to filtering out unwanted background noises as well as the overall sound quality, which for a business geared headset delivers even when listening to music with well-calibrated high, mid-range and low frequencies.

While the basic Evolve 75 design already ticked all the boxed, the Evolve 2 75 effortlessly takes things to new heights both in terms of construction as well as performance.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Jabra.


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