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Into the Wild – Zorali gear, tunes and silence.

I dig hiking as much as the next man and have done a fair share of backpacking in my time, both because of the need to make a virtue out of a nexessity, i.e. tight budgets, but also in a bid to deliberately get out there and engage directly with what Mark Twain referred to as “the territory”.

Especially in more remote corners of this earthround, roaming with little more than a backpack has its appeal, e.g. climbing the sacred mountains of China, the hills of Papua New Guinea or Tibet.

Music is of course a steady companion and it has its advantages to turn up the perfect soundtrack at the push of a button to bathe in whatever nature has to offer and soak in its splendour, however, there is also something to be said for not being serenaded all the time by your favourite tunes as the exposure to the sounds of new and never before explored surrounds in the outdoors can be an extremely giving source of inspiration and beauty.

There is certainly music that seems to have been made with the great wide open and freedom in mind.

If you expose yourself to the element off the beaten track chances are that you will get your ass kicked by pretty much everything you could and could not plan for, be it weather conditions or having underestimated the toll climbs, elevations and distances would take.

When I first started travel that entailed hiking, I naively thought that a hoody, comfortable pants, sturdy footgear, a rain jacket along with a backpack would do the trick, which is essentially not wrong.

However, getting the quality, durability, versatility and weight of the gear right proves to be essential if you do more than go for something more than a walk in the countryside of wherever you reside. As you might guess, cheap and flimsy gear from flashy brands is not exactly what you’d be looking for.

All the better when the founders of the outdoor gear brand you choose created their gear spurned by their love for the outdoors and extensive experience when it comes to conquering difficult territory, which is the entity known as Zorali entered my world.

Zorali’s ethos is based on the ideas of sustainability, the thrive to push themselves to do better and that getting out there is nurturing one’s soul.

Not a bad start.

The fact that their gear is easy on the eye does paired with the use of environmentally certified natural fibres like hemp, recycled fabrics and cotton does not hurt either.

When going for hikes on the extensive and strenuous end of the spectrum, breathability is a major factor, which is e.g. where Zorali’s Stash-It Packable borderline weightless anorak comes in.

Made from recycled ripstop polyester, this little number is not only ideal for hikes, but has become a trusted companion even for formal occasions to shield me from the elements whenever need be. Subtle and elegant in design, it could not be a more versatile everyday carry essential.

For hikes during the colder months of the year, breathable and warm socks as well as beanies are essential. Bonus points if in the sock department along with moisture wicking attributes, a tad bit of cushioning is provided as with Zorali’s merino wool ones. The Southerly Buster beanies live up to their name in that the wool base ribbed-knit style not only keeps you warm when needed but draws sweat away while repelling rain.

Over the last eighteen months with borders locked down on terra australis, plans galore have been made in regards to making the most of the next travel overseas and no matter the climate, chances are that Zorali gear will be a steady companion.


T • September 24, 2021

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