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I like running whenever possible and when given the opportunity also to and from work. Now unless, you actually work in a gym and swag around in your active wear all day, chances are that you know the issue with having your gear creased once you get to the grind, let alone the issue of having to find a tornister to house your lunch, tablet, phone, keys and whatever else you lug around.

Backpacks are available in a wide range of variations, however, I have found few of them that accommodate my needs, which are in essence not outlandish: A light shell I can put my gear in with straps that hold it in place without becoming a nuisance with all the bouncing going on.

For the manually challenged, IAMRUNBOX comes with a folding assistant to help you make sure your clothes fit in the box and stay crease free as well as a smaller net bag to compartmentalise your sweaty wear and toiletries along with nifty pockets to keep your electronic devices protected.

Been running with the durable backpack for a couple of months now, and with its clever ergonomic design it still sits firmly in place on my back no matter how hard or far I go without causing too much friction or sore shoulders and the fact that the string attachment system adds the option to attach accessories on the outside comes in handy.

Even heavy rain that lasted throughout longer runs could not penetrate the actual water-proof inner shell and no matter how intense the downpour, the clothes inside remained nice, dry and wrinkle free.

Summa summarum: A borderline ideal backpack in terms of sturdiness and for commute runs that I have also started using for short trips, i.e. weekends dedicated to sports events hiking and work.


photo courtesy of IAMRUNBOX

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