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High Adventures in the Great Outdoors - Nudie

Laid back with his mind on the money and his money on his mind, Snoop Dogg used to roll down the street, smokin’ indo, sippin’ gin and juice – without the latter of which, the whole thang would be a trite and juniper berry heavy affair.

There was a time that given the current circumstances seems utopian, i.e. one where I was travelling a lot, especially in interesting terrain where at times it proved to be difficult to get something resembling the beverages or meals one had in mind or the nutritious equivalent thereof.

At many an ungodly early hour at e.g. the airport of Ulaanbaatar or in the middle of nowhere en route to Phnom Penh, there are few options apart from chocolate bars and soda pop. However, there were locally freshly pressed juices, which seemed like a wholesome way to get come vitamins in the system in the process.

With fruit juice that one finds in most supermarkets – even if they contain vegetables – due to fibre having been large chaffed off, unwholesome free sugars that are absorbed almost instantaneously into the bloodstream contribute to world of nastiness – think 2 diabetes and whatever else a spiking of insulin levels encompasses.

Summa summarum – commercially available juices can have some healthy qualities, however, oftentimes you are basically ingesting sugary water with some vitamins.

Enter an entity I was delighted to discover during my first travels to the Southern hemisphere, i.e. Nudie.

Inspired by the lack of juices that met the standards the founders set as a benchmark for juices to proffer to their families at home, they decided to refine their home-made 100% fruit recipes and offer it publicly at local stores with the first batch resulting in less than fifty bottles, which the founders’ families were sent to buy back to create the illusion that it was massively popular.

Many trials, tribulations and upgrades later, Nudie’s simple yet effective formula resulted in something that I struggle to find elsewhere, i.e. easily available, vegan-friendly flash-pasteurized juices and blends that leave up to the name, i.e. purity with no masking or dress up: No cryogenically frozen concentrate, additives or other preservatives.

Apart from tested and tried staples, there are constantly new adventurous concoctions, e.g. Aloe Vera & Rosehip or Chamomile Tea & Lemon Balm, which if not for the ingredients and flavours, win me over for the witty and cheeky blurbs that adorn the respective bottles.


image from company website

October 22, 2020

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