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Futur - Crafting Life Through Design.

Fashion, as an art form, often tells a story beyond what meets the eye. Founded in 2014 by the creative minds of Benoît Fredonie and Felix Schaper, Futur is a brand that exemplifies this notion, using fashion to narrate a compelling story through visual aesthetics, without relying on gimmicks or trends.

Based in the heart of France, with satellite offices in Tokyo and Biarritz, Futur has seamlessly evolved over the past eight years while staying true to its core identity.

At the core of Futur's philosophy is the unwavering commitment to using high-quality European materials, a tradition that forms the backbone of the brand. As Felix Schaper explains, it's a brand that emerges from "an evolving combination of mutual and personal interests" of its founders. In essence, Futur is a reflection of the people who shape it, resulting in a brand with a distinct personality and style.

Futur's approach is defined by its deliberate choice to work with a select number of European fabric suppliers and manufacturing partners. Each partner is chosen with precision to cater to specific garment categories and material types, ensuring a consistent quality and a seamless brand identity. This approach has proven invaluable, especially during challenging times like the ongoing repercussions of the global pandemic.

While the brand proudly bears a loud and graphic French influence, having been based in France since its inception, it's essential to note that Futur has always had an international perspective. Early collaborations with global entities have allowed it to transcend borders.

Notably, its creative vision resonated particularly well in Japan, leading to the establishment of an office in Tokyo. This served as a strategic vantage point for on-ground collaborations, most notably the ongoing and mutually beneficial partnership with Japanese sports giants, Mizuno, a brand whose DNA is a tapestry of heritage and innovation.

Futur's recent SS23 collection not only introduced captivating collaborative artist capsules but also places a strong emphasis on elevating the visibility and profile of its Parisian gallery space, aptly named "@pleasewaitgallery." This shift towards merging the realms of art and fashion is a testament to Futur's ever-evolving narrative.

With a steady stream of eclectic releases and an unwavering fan base in Japan, Futur is more than a fashion brand; it's a dynamic space where creativity knows no bounds. Keep an eye on Futur, as it continues to redefine the language of fashion and art.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Futur


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