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Forever inspired by people and the planet we live on - Belkin.

Belkin has long established itself as an accessories market leader delivering power, protection, productivity, connectivity and audio solutions for a broad range of consumer electronics, contexts and environments, whether at home, at work or on a new adventure.

On a day-to-day basis, we rely on Belkin’s easy-to-set-up networking products, high-quality cables, accessories for smartphones, tablets and computers, so we were eager to test drive what Belkin has to offer in the earbuds segment of things.

Having extensively experimented with earbuds from a large variety of providers in all shapes and forms and as I mainly rely on them while running and exercising, factors like a good fit, fast-charging abilities, workout-friendly design and sweat resistance prove to be of utmost importance.

Belkin’s Soundform Freedom True Wireless earbuds combine some of the most vital of the aforementioned features, including a surprisingly good performance during calls devoid of any background noises or hisses.

Equipped with a touch sensitive button on both buds, with which track control as well as EQ settings can be calibrated – or alternatively the assistant can be activated – audio notifications provide detailed feedback.

Rated for eight hours of non-stop playtime plus an additional close to thirty hours with the case with pairing mode right out of the box, Belkin’s Soundform easily get you through a long day without the need to recharge.

While sound quality could be a tad better when it comes to less bass heavy tunes, given the affordable pricing, Belkin’s comfortable, well-fitting and snug Soundform Freedom with their minimally sleek design, which are housed in a sturdy charging case, prove to be a surprisingly well performing no-frills quality product with a call clarity that is not even rivalled by competitors charging multiple times the amount these babies retail for.

So far, so good.

However, what elevates Belkin’s new range of products mile-high over its competitors in an increasingly crowded market is its commitment to tangible changes in a bid to achieve high sustainability goals and to become carbon neutral in scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025.: Australia has become the first country for Belkin to launch its new products made from post-consumer recycled plastics and housed in 100% plastic-free packaging, thereby supporting the recycled plastics industry and playing a pivotal role in aiding to deliver huge reductions in the use of virgin plastic by giving new life to plastic that would otherwise have been destined for landfill.

Best thing is that Belkin’s transition from existing stock to its new PCR-manufactured will neither affect the existing RRP nor its trusted aesthetic, quality and engineering features. Initial products of the new PCR-based Belkin range includes the MacBook, Chromebook, iPad and PC compatible Connect USB-C to 4-Port USB-C Hub, which we love as it does not get super-hot and power delivery over the USB-C port works quickly and painlessly with up to a max of 10Gbps high speed data transfer.

The post-consumer recycled plastic based compact USB-C Power Delivery-equipped 30W car charger with Lightning Connector is another welcome addition to the new sustainable range along with the never not reliable Boost Charge Power Bank 10K, which provides forty extra hours of battery life for your mobile device and offers the opportunity to charge up to three devices simultaneously.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Belkin.


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