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Folio Society: Crafting Literary Artistry and Sustainability.

Since 1947, Folio Society has been a literary stronghold, producing illustrated editions in London's Shad Thames that transform storytelling into an art form. Books at Folio go beyond pages; they represent a labour of love, expertise, and obsession, showcasing the team's unwavering dedication.

The journey from concept to publication is a mesmerizing ode to the golden age of book design, crafting individually evolved hardback editions. Folio's pursuit of excellence has resulted in prestigious awards, emphasizing its trailblazing legacy.

Renowned for exceptional customer service, Folio maintains independence and embraces sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly practices and recyclable packaging. As Folio transitions under employee ownership, the focus on sustainability and creativity promises an exciting journey—a timeless guardian of literature and a steward of the planet, weaving a sustainable narrative for generations.

A Man on the Moon: Lunar Odyssey Unveiled

Embark on an awe-inspiring lunar journey with The Folio Society's edition of A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikin. This two-volume masterpiece, praised by Arthur C. Clarke, stands as the definitive account of the Apollo program, meticulously curated over a decade.

Featuring a unique selection of curated photography from Chaikin's archive, including unpublished images and sharp scans of NASA films. Composite images crafted for this edition add a new dimension to the visual storytelling.

Bound in blocked cloth, spanning 800 pages, and set in Apollo with Futura display, this edition showcases glossy full-colour sections, including an eight-page fold-out in each volume. The pictorial slipcase enhances its collector's appeal.

Chaikin's narrative spans the Apollo program, capturing minute-by-minute accounts of historic events. From the deadly Apollo 1 fire to later lunar explorations, it provides an exhilarating and often-overlooked perspective.

Beyond an adventure story, A Man on the Moon explores astronaut rivalries, familial burdens, and backroom conflicts. It captures the romantic, epic, and historic nature of the lunar odyssey, creating a unique and complete experience.

From Apollo 4 to later missions pushing lunar exploration limits, Chaikin's masterpiece ensures the preservation of the Apollo saga. A testament to dedication and bravery, it guarantees the lunar odyssey remains etched for generations.

The Silk Roads: A Folio Society Masterpiece

Peter Frankopan’s The Silk Roads in the Folio Society’s lavishly illustrated edition is a veritable visual and intellectual feast and a ground-breaking re-evaluation of global history as is shifts the focus from Europe to central Asia, exploring the birthplace of civilizations, empires, and religions. The ancient routes, known as 'the world’s central nervous system,' facilitated the exchange of silk, slaves, ideas, religion, and more.

The Folio edition is a work of art with opulent gold-blocked cover designs inspired by Eastern art. Its two volumes showcase 32 pages of colour and black-and-white images, spanning centuries and featuring treasures, paintings, manuscripts, and miniatures. The clash of faiths, represented in art and relics, adds an ornate layer to Frankopan’s rich storytelling.

Frankopan's narrative extends to the present day, reflecting on recent events such as the invasion of Ukraine, climate change effects, and the race for natural resources, emphasizing the enduring importance of the Silk Roads in global geopolitics.

Designed for longevity and delight, Folio editions are a collector's dream. Beyond the books, the attention to detail encompasses exceptional customer service and a commitment to sustainability, aligning with Folio’s vision of creating beautiful, planet-friendly books.

As the age of the West stands at a crossroads, The Silk Roads Folio edition invites readers to embark on a visually stunning and intellectually enriching adventure, making history a tangible and timeless experience.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Folio Society.

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