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Fjällräven’s seasonal 2023 collections – translating functionality into visual aesthetics.

Stating that I have always had a complex relationship with backpacks would be an understatement par excellence.

From a style perspective, I have always been sceptical of them due their inherent air of naïve and school-boyish appeal, especially within the confines of professionalism as they tend to convey a lack thereof.

On the other hand, I have never not used tend as they are functional and get the job done.

When it comes to good-looking backpacks, the Scandinavian minimalist approach has always ranked high in my books, especially in the realm that Fjällräven has been a pioneer in for over six decades.

Needless to say, Fjällräven’s recent collaborations with trailblazing fashion houses like Acne Studios, has injected a layer of contemporary credibility to what has been primarily known as a brand specialising in simple and practical outdoor equipment.

While the brand named after the Swedish denotation of "Arctic Fox"'s best-selling product must be the omnipresent Kånken backpack, which is fabled to have originally been conceptualised as a reaction and remedy to a study from the 1970s of increasing number of reports that Swedish school children were developing back problems from their more traditional bags, these days there is much to the brand than functional clothes, tents and other equipment that comes in handy in the wilderness by making nature more accessible.

A recent favourite of Fjällräven’s offerings is the classically styled Vardag Anorak: Made from durable, weather-resistant densely woven G-1000 Eco made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, the timeless design is simple, functional yet stylish in its subtlety with its adjustable hood, kangaroo pocket and hand pockets.

With its loose fit combined with a long front zipper flanked by a side zipper making it easy to pull on/take off and wear with other layers, it lends itself perfectly not merely for hiking but smart casual everyday use all year round, especially when the forecast predicts that different seasons are about to strike in the size of days.

One of the most versatile of Fjällräven creations that graces my wardrobe of lightweight and easily packable summer essentials is the High Coast Relaxed Shorts.

While the name might sound a tad technical, the shorts could not be more suitable for any outdoor activity, especially if it involves wet or sweat-inducing sports due to its quick-drying stretch fabric.

Fjällräven’s 2023 seasonal collections are testament to the brand’s DNA, i.e. a genuine appreciation of the outdoors paired with the translation of functionality into visual aesthetics without reliance on gimmicks.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Fjällräven.


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