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Five by Flynn's mélange of casual style, mischief and luxury.

What was originally incepted four years ago by Louie Collins, inspired by the sweeping white-sand crescent of Australia’s most iconic beaches, the dramatic scenery of coastal walks and centred around the extravagant escapades of the suave, fictional character “Flynn”, whose musing and account of travels are charted in a dedicated blog on the brand’s website, has evolved from a boutique-y laid back and retro vibe infused niche brand to a highly coveted multi-faceted resort wear labels.

While the DNA of earlier incarnations is still omnipresent in Five by Flynn’s classic seasonal releases, with e.g. its signature Camp Collar Style Shirts omnipresent throughout its collections, its recent collection captures the very essence of what a summer in Mallorca encapsulates: Five by Flynn channels its alchemy by infusing bold, eye catching colours into traditional staple styles dedicated to leisure and savoir vivre by adding its idiosyncratic flair to breezy silhouettes and holiday themed imagery.

What we love about Five by Flynn is that its creations exude an explicitly inclusive, spectacular yet effortless and relaxed energy that innately inhabit each piece, with notable attention being paid to subtle details, substantiated by a commitment to quality materials, which is an area where most insipid lifestyle brands fail to deliver.

Five by Flynn’s gear, which these days is further accentuated by a diverse range of carefully curated and manufactured accessories, feels empowering with its worldliness and inspiring in that it puts one in a groovy mood ready for explorations of the road less travelled.

It is the finely calibrated melange of casual styles, mischief and luxury that makes especially the current collection stand out by drawing inspirations from seemingly contradictive ends of the spectrum, i.e. a nostalgia for retro cuts paired with an ultramodern and geographically-inspired twist on classic leisure wear.

In essence, Five by Flynn ( ) is the sunny, inspired, stylized fashion label embodiment of the pursuit of adventure outside the confines of what societal norms prescribe, with its stylish and life affirming creations allowing the wearer to become an active and unique constituent in the equation, resulting in a highly individual symbiosis.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Five By Flynn.

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